4 French media beneficiaries of the COVID-19 Emergency Fund from the European Journalism Center and Facebook

The European Journalism Center, in partnership with the Facebook Journalism Project, has released the list of the first 55 beneficiaries of the $ 3 million COVID-19 Emergency Fund for small news organizations severely affected by the crisis.

The selected media, from 20 countries including France, will benefit from aid of 10,000 to 25,000 euros.

The purpose of this is to help them respond to the economic emergency generated by the COVID-19 crisis: maintenance of team salaries, recruitment of freelancers, compensation for loss of income from the distribution of printed newspapers, etc. .

In France, the 4 media outlets selected by the European Journalism Center are:

  • Saphir Mediation (€ 25,000)
  • Rue89 Strasbourg (€ 25,000)
  • 94 citizens (€ 10,000)
  • Mediacoop (€ 25,000)

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