A situation that is likely to worsen

Because of Coronavirus, thousands of French people are currently partially unemployed, and therefore confined to their homes. A real problem for all of these Women victims of physical, psychological or even sexual violence by their husbands. In addition, the limited space imposed by confinement could well increase this type of violence. Moreover, multiple polls have shown that this had been the case in China, which is gradually emerging from containment.

Each year, more than 200,000 women are victims of domestic violence in France.

Every 3 days, a woman dies from the physical bitterness of her husband. If before the epidemic, they could act for a few hours, today, they are confined with their executioner. So what to do for these women under the influence of their husbands?

Associations prepare for the worst

The associations which defend the rights of women, and which help women victims of domestic violence are preparing. They do not hesitate to recall that the number of “Violences Femmes Info” is 3919.

Although unavailable for a few days, this number works again. Women victims of violence should therefore not hesitate to call, if necessary. The associations also recall that if a woman is in danger, she must call 115. Finally, if telephone communication is not possible, arretonslesviolences.gouv.fr is available.

But associations know that, confined with their husbands, women will find it difficult to call this number.

Some of them have therefore set up a telephone follow-up, essential for these women victims of violence. However, all of this is insufficient. This is why many associations ask for the establishment of an emergency plan. It is therefore a matter of launching, as quickly as possible, a prevention campaign against violence against women. But also to leave a 24-hour listening service.

If a woman who is the victim of domestic violence finds even a minute to call, she must be able to do so at any time of the day.

In addition, the Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, asked the courts to give priority to handling cases of domestic violence. The goal is to remove violent husbands from the family home, so that women can live peacefully with their children.

Many victims already since confinement

Although figures have not yet been released, cases of domestic violence have increased since the start of confinement.

If unfortunately, too many women are still in danger, and risk their lives every day, others have been able to get out of this hell. In fact, in Indre-et-Loire, two men were convicted, following domestic violence.

At Le Mans, a man also been convicted of the same offenses. During his judgment, he explained that he did not support the conditions of confinement … All over France, the police intervene every day, and even more currently for acts of domestic violence. As for example in Limay, in the Yvelines, where a man was arrested after having belted his wife.

Fortunately, these men are arrested and placed in police custody. But what about next? Will they return home? Will they be sentenced and for how long?

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