aadhar card perfect reflection

How Aadhar Card is the Perfect Reflection of Technology

In an age, where technology has been on the forefront of creating sophisticated equipments, easy travel and luxurious living structure, adhar card has undoubtedly been an obvious reflection of the same as well.
Yes, possessing a mammoth database which is indeed the largest Biometric database in the world, it is no wonder, that technology has immense role to play in protecting the individual database, thanks to biometric system.
The whole mechanism is dealt with many layers of authentication as well as high-tech encryption to strengthen its security which can only happen with the high-end use of technology.

There has been a shift from paper to online based technology

aadhar card perfect reflection
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This new age technology is moving further to the remotest part of the country, where it is switching from paper to online system. Yes, considering the fact that everything is online, one can get an eAadhar duplicate as well.  It is so easy after all.

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Enrollment centers and high end use of technology

It is easy to get an Aadhar card made as there are enrollment centers where the individual has to submit information such as his/her complete name, date of birth, gender along with complete address followed by relevant biometric information which he/she has to undergo with. Yes, it relates to finger prints, iris scan and finally his/her photograph. Having said that, there are certain exceptions where the person may be without hands of finders and for those cases, separate provision has been made as well.

One can very well understand that with the advancement of technology, such enrollment centres where finger prints are taken, only re-affirm the belief, that it happens because of technology.

Technology has proved the practicality of adhar card now, which may well be hard to be projected by masses a decade back. However, now it has turned to be the reality for all of us to see.

The relevance of Adhar for India

Adhar was an obvious necessity especially in a country like India, with huge population, where half a billion people couldn’t have provided any official id, when asked. Thereby, even though how desperately they wanted to enroll themselves with the government related schemes, yet they couldn’t. This is with reference to getting a driving license, or getting a cylinder at subsidized rate or other government sponsored schemes.  Hence, this is regarded to be the biggest biometric in the world and rightly so, as it has spread in the nook and corner of the country, India.

Point to remember:-Here, it is important to be careful while telling the spelling of name or places of address. Make sure, that has been correctly noted by the staff of the enrollment centre as well, for removing any future problems.

Aadhar Card is the most prominent and obvious reflection of how technology has made a mark in our lives. After all, the biometric identifier is the proof of the changing reflection which technology has to offer in recent years. Isn’t it? Yes, ofcourse.

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