Android Cached Data

What is Android Cached Data and How to clear it?

Android Cached Data: We’re surrounded with technology. Technology has grown up a lot within last five years. At one click we get latest news from every corner of world. If I start exploring about it, it will bring me to death. but still it can’t be explored 😛 and I don’t want to die in exploring Technology. 😀

If you are living in Technical Era, probably you are remained only who don’t own a Android Phone. Everyone owns different type and different price of smartphones.

We have somehow, come to accept Technical Jargons without quite understanding what they really mean. Have you wondered What is Android Cached Data? You see the word Clear Cache Data on your android phone. Not only you, there are many who use smartphones but not aware of lot of such things on their Android Phone.

Today I came up to clear all the doubts about Cached Data. I am gonna explore more about Android cached Data. You will learn

  • What is Android Cached Data?
  • Why Android cached Data Exist?
  • Why should clear Android cached Data?
  • How to clear Android Cached Data?

So I am gonna bring you inside a small word Android Cached Data. Follow the post.

Before starting the post, I am trying to get you the Word Cached Data by an example.

When you visit a place for the first time, your brain stores the route of that place to make easier and quicker for you to visit same place. It is called cached Data. The Problem is, you can’t clear it. :p

Lets know about Android Cached Data.

Android Cached Data

What is Android Cached Data?

Let it understand by game you play on Android. When you play a game on your android phone and complete missions, the app/game stores all the missions in the form of cached data. If you play that game again, you can start the mission from you left. Same with other apps.

Got the point? Okay move next!

Why Android cached Data Exist?

When you visit a site on any browser on your phone, browser stores that site in the form of Cached Data so that if you visit that page again, it will load faster. Storing cached data means, apps don’t need to load that page once again. As page is already cached, so it will show the same. All of android apps store some data in the form of cached data to make it easy and faster for you for the next time.

May you get the point. 🙂

Why should clear Android cached Data?

System cache will have data for all websites and apps that you may have used on your phone. So Some of your phone’s memory is consumed by only System Cache. If you are running out of memory, even you can’t install a new app from play Store, so you need to free up some memory by clearing system cache to install new app.

Because of less memory on your phone may slow down it. Some problems arise because corrupted cached data. So resolve this issues, we need to clear system cache time to time. It keeps your phone clean and faster. Clearing System cache boost performance of your phone.

How to clear Android Cached Data?

There are various ways to clean Android Cached Data. Let see how many ways are there?

By Setting

If you are using android phone, you may hear about Setting :p in your Android Phone. To clear Cached Data, just follow below steps-

  • Go to Setting>Storage
  • Now see the picture below (I have 1.20GB Cached Data in my Phone)

Cached Data

  • Tap on Cached Data

Cached data

  • Confirm it to clear all cached data from your phone
  • That’s it.

This way you can easily free up some memory on your Android Phone.

Clear Cached Data of Specific App

It is much easier than you think.

  • Open Menu
  • Tap (for 1-2 second) on any app of which you want to clear cached Data.
  • See the top of your screen, you’ll see three option(See below Picture)

Cached data

  • Drag that App on App info.
  • Scroll Down and click on Clear Cache

Cached data

  • That’s it.

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To keep your phone running faster, you must clear cached data once a month. Remember that Clearing cached data not going to clear all your important data. When you launch app next time, new cached file will be created automatically for the app.

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