hidden android features

4 Hidden Features Of Android, You May Not Aware of

There are around 2 billion users who are under the android’s umbrella reported by a recent survey. The devices which are used by those 2 billion users are administered by the green bot usually known as an android bot. This bot tends to have some mischievous features there are some features on your android devices are not in front of your eyes but are actually there. Those features are quite helpful but weren’t in the notice. You will not believe having features such as these. until you went through these.

hidden android features

1. Find my device

There is actually a feature as find my device in your own Android devices. In cases, you left your phone somewhere or it got misplaced or in worst case scenario it gets stolen. that is when this feature is quite a master. By following the understated instruction you can get a track of your device.

  • Just go to Settings option in your devices
  • Scroll to the Security option
  • And Tap the boxes in front of the privileged applications

After selecting your desired application, next thing to do is to browse to using your any browser  and go to Android Device Manager page and from there you can track your phone . it further provide you with features like

  • locate my phone – that provides you with live tracking of your lost or misplaced devices
  • Ring – In cases where you mistakenly slipped your devices under the couch. It makes your phone to ring itself and in cases of stolen it stops ringing when someone touches the screen and on the browser place commands *the device has been stopped ringing
  • Wipe – in cases, you feel in your device is not in save hands and data is not secured. you can wipe off your data from, your device by selecting options.

2. Screen recording

We all aware of the coolest feature of IOS that is screen recording. Everything that is happening on your screen can be recording and saved in mp4 format.ust for your knowledge you can perform this feature on your android devices too. With the help of another friendly appropriate application, you can record everything that is happening on your screen in mp4 format and that can be shared among your friends. All you have to do is to select the option of allowance when it ops on your screen

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3. Screen mirroring

We all love the big screen experiences. for the bigger picture, we try to move what’s going on small screens to bigger ones with some hassling wires. Android has solved this hassling problem for you. You have an amazing feature in your hands called Screen mirroring. You can easily switch what’s happening on your phones to your smart televisions. Basically , it will mirror everything going on your Android device to your smart TV. This alluring feature is present on the notification panel of your devices For movie experience like never before, download Vidmate app which allows you to download any video or audio from your desired media platform and you can mirror it your televisions by tweaking through some settings in your smart televisions DOWNLOAD VIDMATE NOW! from Vidmateapp.mobi .

4. User info on your device when it is locked

Your security in on your hands. that is most important to note on to take notes on your device’s security. In worst cases, you may be left or dropped your phone somewhere and someone with a good heart finds it. But how can he return the device to its owner?  in that cases, you can make your lock screen speaks for itself. there is a feature in your android devices where you can put your info like your email or phone number on your lock screen. Yes, your device is still locked and your data is saved.

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