Android Oreo

Everything You Need to Know About Android Oreo

Biggest Search Engine Company Google has launched its new Operating System called Android Oreo. This update will be rolled out on Google Nexus and Pixel first.

Here I am gonna talking about What is Android ‘O’ and its features? We are also going to talk about which new features are added in Android Oreo and Which Smartphones will get this latest Version of Android first?

What is Android Oreo?

Android Oreo
Android ‘O’

Google came up with a latest android version called Android Oreo. Previously Google has launched many other version of Android such as Desert Eclairs, FroyoGingerbreadHoneycombIce Cream SandwichJelly BeanKitKat, lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat.

Finally Google also launched Android “O’.

Android Oreo comes with new good features. Lets move it Features.

Android Oreo Features

As latest version is launched, some advance features are also included. Same is with Android ‘O’. Some cool features are included in this Latest Version of Android.

See the Features below-

  • Better Battery life

Once your phone is updated with Android O, expect better battery life. New Feature prevents your device from excessive use of Background Service and Location Updates. So Apps can’t drain much battery while you are not using them.

  • Notification Dots

Android Oreo allows us to see  notifications which are missed. In Android Oreo Google has included a Notification Channel, Which means you can set notification channel as per your need. You will see notification in a group according to them. E.g. If You set Notification Channel as News, you will see all news notification on that channel.

  • Picture in picture for handsets

As this feature was seen in Android TVs, Now it will be available in Android 8. As Some Phones has standard multi windows system, Now you don’t need of multi Window features as It is available in Android Oreo itself.

  • Adaptive icons and badges

You see adaptive icons and badges in Google Pixel Launcher. Now android can support it system-wise and nativaly. You will see a lot of things in Android O related it.

  • Font resources in XML

There’s a lot to see about the fonts in Android O. Apart from this, you are also getting some free fonts and other things from Google.

  • Project Treble

Mostly, It will be used by people who are third party vendors. Like Qualcomm and NVIDIA, they can also add their software from outside.

  • Connectivity

Connectivity is also improved in the latest version Android Oreo. Look out below-

  • High-quality Bluetooth audio through the Sony LDAC codec.
  • NAN (Neighborhood Aware Networking) connectivity using the Wi-Fi Aware specification.
  • Telecom framework introduces new ways for third-party calling apps to work with each other and with your carrier’s special features.

Many developers get OTA updates before official launch. They get OTA updates to test the latest version. If you want to get OTA updates, then you must root android phone first. Only then you can get latest OTA Updates


Android Oreo is in beta version. Developers are testing it until get satisfied with it. According to news, Nokia 8 will be launched with Android 8(Android Oreo). Many of us very excited to get this latest version.

You are about to get a lot of features in this latest version. Now you just have to wait until it comes to market. As it releases in the Market, and you get its Update on your phone, only then you can experience its features. And then you will feel that this is really fantastic. Google has done a lot of work with it.

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