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In this video I’ll be doing an ASMR dumplings (no talking) mukbang featuring loud eating sounds. I bought a pack of frozen dumplings (also known as postickers or gyoza) the other day and had a pretty bad craving for them tonight. There were about 20 pieces inside the bag and it cost $3.50 USD ($5 CAD), not bad for a quick and easy meal. I placed the frozen dumplings into a pan, added water and oil, put a lid over it, and within 10 minutes I was ready to feast! The sauce I used is ponzu sauce, a citrus-based soy sauce that adds a nice kick of flavour in each bite. Dumplings are one of my favourite foods so I can’t wait to keep trying different kinds on this channel. As always, I hope you enjoy this ASMR dumplings mukbang and eating show.


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