Avatars are finally coming to Facebook!

Facebook finally offers the possibility of creating an avatar in its image. It can be personalized with different haircuts, face shapes, eye colors and other accessories or clothing characterizing the person. Many details are customizable.

These avatars inevitably make us think of the Snapchat Bitmoji, which Facebook seems to have been inspired by. This option has already existed for over a year in Australia and will soon be deployed in Europe. Compared to other players like Apple or Snapchat, Facebook arrives a little late with its avatars, but it is better late than never.

The emoticon has become essential in our digital conversations. They effectively clarify his point, his mood or his emotions and avoid many misunderstandings. But having a personalized cartoon head to talk to friends and express reactions is obviously more fun than a classic yellow emoticon.

With the different customization options, this avatar can actually be very similar. Worthy of a real robot portrait, we could almost display this cartoon face with the message “wanted” to find you without problem.

The end of emoticons?

Could this be the end of our famous universal emoticons? According to TechCrunch, on Snapchat more than 70% of people would use Bitmoji. It is clear that the personalized avatar is therefore very successful. You might also think that seeing the reactions appear on the screen in the form of an avatar generates an oxytocin production in your interlocutor. Only neuroscience will tell us.

This option is currently being deployed discreetly and gradually. It will not be offered directly to users. To create an avatar, you will have to go through a Messenger conversation or comment on a post. It can therefore be used as a sticker in private conversations or even in reaction to a post.

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