Basic Ways to Resolve Slow Internet Download Speed

Most of us already got used to this digital age. We do many transactions online. Many of which can be only processed over-the-counter in brick-and-mortar offices and stores back then. Think about shopping for example. Banking, too. Many professionals have also transitioned from traditional office jobs to remote jobs they can do anywhere. Do you want the same? Read this.

We are truly immersed in the virtual world. Because of that, it annoys us whenever our internet connection slows down, especially when you’re having an important video conference with a prospective client! When that happens, please, just calm down and don’t smash that screen. What can you do when you’re not satisfied with your internet speed?

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Use a Data-Saving Browser

Google Chrome can eat up much data. So, there may be times when it takes forever for a site to load. Why don’t you try a data-saving browser instead? Opera Mini is a great example. And tell you what, it works just fine, even better than Chrome. Well, except that some online apps and programs may not be supported in Opera Mini. In this case, you can always switch back to Chrome. 

That’s not a problem at all. You can use it as a backup browser. Meanwhile, you can use Opera Mini on regular browsing as well as data uploads and downloads. Try some of these tips, too:

Stop Bandwidth-Consuming Programs

Okay, you shouldn’t uninstall them because they’re definitely useful. They aren’t worms and viruses you should get rid of. But some programs do some tasks quietly in the background. These tasks may be causing your connection to underperform. Find out what programs consume bandwidth in the background and temporarily stop their activity in favor of the online task you need to get done at the moment. 

Subscribe to a VPN

You might have heard complaints about VPNs slowing down the internet speed. While it is true in some situations, there are several factors to blame. For example, choosing the wrong VPN provider itself is one reason. The location of the VPN server matters. And as you probably know, the closer it is to your current location, the better performance you get. Learn more about the benefits of using a VPN here.

On the other hand, choosing the best VPN provider promises the opposite—you can actually resolve a slow internet download speed through this. In what specific way can it help? If you’ve heard about bandwidth throttling, you may have fallen victim to this. Many internet service providers do this intentionally. 

When an ISP does this, it deliberately slows down your internet speed for a particular kind of data such as Netflix streaming or downloading videos on YouTube. You know that’s not fair especially if you pay the right price for your monthly subscription and these kinds of data are actually included in the plan. 

Using a VPN avoids bandwidth throttling. The main reason is the anonymous IP address that you obtain through your service. Thus, your ISP won’t be able to limit your traffic on certain types of data. So, indeed, VPNs can boost internet performance when used specifically for this purpose. 

Always Update Your Anti-Virus Software

Worms and other malware are notorious for making the internet connection speed appear slower than usual. This happens because they secretly generate network traffic. A computer that’s infected with virus will not only encounter internet connection problems but its general performance will suffer, too. 

Thus, if your computer exhibits sluggishness and other unusual issues, better check it and scan for possible malware and virus threats. It might have just been infected especially if you haven’t installed or updated a reliable anti-virus program in a while.  

Sometimes, You Need a Device Upgrade

What devices are you using for web browsing and downloading? A slow laptop can be the main problem while your connection is compromised. If your laptop is already old and sluggish, or perhaps, it has a very small amount of RAM or its processor is quite weak, that’s the reason to blame, not your ISP. 

It’s about time you upgrade your device. Aim for higher RAM, better processor and if possible, opt for SSD for your hard drive. Good thing, many laptop manufacturers these days have been using SSD already. That said, you don’t need to change your HDD to SSD manually, which, by the way, can be a little complicated task. And oh, laptops with this kind of hard drive aren’t too expensive anymore.

Do a Final Solution: Change Your ISP

If everything else fails, there’s no other solution left but to change your ISP. Carefully choose the plan that’s right for you. Also, check the company’s reputation through reliable reviews so you can avoid experiencing the same problem again. Learn other valuable advice here:

Resolving slow internet download speed is pretty simple when you know basic troubleshooting. But if basic troubleshooting doesn’t work at all, you can ask a qualified technician for assistance or better yet, call your internet service provider for your concerns. Also, take note of the last tip you’ve learned from this article. 

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