10 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

If compared with the traditional phones, modern phones have large screens, 3G or 4G network technology, dual sim mechanism, and high storage features. This led to high drainage of the battery with much greater speed. Fortunately, there exist many apps which not only save your battery power but boosts the backup also. Following are the best battery saving apps for android phones.



It is a free app which has above 50 million installs. Greenify is one of the smartest app which hibernates each of the abnormal and inactive background apps. But doing so, the apps consumed battery and avoids the lagging of phone.

Battery Saver 2018

Battery Saver 2018 is included in the top 5 battery saving apps of this year. The apps are one of the most accurate battery saving app which allow your phone to control energy consumption easily. As the battery level drops to the minimum, the power saving mode is turned on automatically. It monitors your phone and turns off the battery consuming devices like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and others.

Battery Optimizer & Cleaner

This app is launched by Intel Security. It boosts the performance of smartphone by making the background disabled to Buy Instagram Followers, freeing up storage and memory. The app generates the real time statistics which aids in disabling battery drainage as well as configuring the needed settings.

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor saves power and has a quite user friendly interface. The app is available for both android and iOS. It is free to download. You can easily optimize your battery power by switching off the battery consumption apps like social media apps including Instagram. Few people often Buy Instagram Followers UK and lessen their working hours on these apps too. The apps monitor your phone. It includes other features including different power modes, brightness control, accurate battery time control, and much more.  

DU battery Saver

The app is trusted by more than 400 million people, free to install and made for both android as well as iOS phones. It detects the battery drainage automatically and solves the problems. It has an advanced mode for tuning the problematic apps. One of the unique feature of this apps is the “phone chiller” which switches off the inactive intensive apps of phones. There is an option of “task killer” which aids in optimizing the battery usage and manages sound, data, brightness and other features of phone.  

 Avast Battery Saver

This is an effective battery saving apps which got updates after the huge feedback from its users. It now offers a master switch for turning on or off the battery saving. This smart technology calculates and then displays the rest of the battery life while prompting you to carry out the necessary steps. If you are not interested in the manual settings, there is an option of pre-setting the battery saving as per your choice.  

Power Clean

This app is regarded as one of the professional cleaner of phone which is used by more than 100 million people all across the globe for battery saving purposes. Power clean not only saves the life battery but enhances the battery’s performance also. It detects the apps which are draining the battery and allows you to disable them with only one touch. Other features include CPU cooler for cooling down the processor temperature, duplicating file remover, boosting of memory to free up the RAM instantly, and monitoring of hardware health.

360 Battery saver Plus

360 Battery saver plus works 24/7 for optimizing the battery of smartphone and offers consumption report of battery. It has power saving mode which analyzes the idle apps running in background and sends you notification to shut these apps. One of the best feature of this app is that it cuts down the charging time of battery. The apps track down the apps which start automatically as you switch on the phone and shut them off for preventing battery drainage.

Battery HD

This app is again free battery saving app which has an amazing user friendly interface. One of the best part of the apps is that it is easy to calibrate this app as per the kind of device. You can use customized settings such as charging alters, usage chart, notification bars, and widgets. With one tap, it is easy to know the count of hours which are left for particular app. The app is made by, easy to use, free to install and precise in monitoring.

Accu battery

This app provides both paid and free versions. The free version of this app lets you the monitoring of health of battery. The battery wear and charge alarm helps your phones to extend the life of its battery. Dissimilar to other apps, this app calculates the real time capacity of battery. Along with this, it also features an instant displaying of remaining charging time and remaining usage time. The pro version of the app has some irritating ads, but provides complete battery stats, has amazing themes and real time usage overlay of processor.

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If you are outside of home and have no charger to charge, then these battery saver can help you to save battery of your android phone in a smarter way. Give a try.

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