What are VPNs? The Best Free VPN for 2017

Best Free VPN: Through VPN service, people in the United States can pretend to be in another country and still access the restricted website content locally. 

Best Free VPN for U.S


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the most versatile and exciting online service available. They provide the security and online privacy to internet users globally. The best VPN services are usually not free, and they charge their subscribers for a specific amount, but there are best free VPN services available in the United Sates that allows users to access VPN free of charge when they need one.
A large number of users use free VPN in the United States; some free VPN services restrict bandwidth and provide service with a monthly limit. Getting a free unlimited VPN per month is tricky. There are some free VPNs with no usage limits, but the speed throttling will affect the live streaming. Through VPN, hackers cannot get information such as credit cards, passwords, and login credentials; the encryption technology prohibits them.
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  • TunnelBear
TunnelBear is easy to use with a cool design; it provides apps for all platforms. It provides outstanding encryption facilities and perfect for beginners with not much experience with the internet. However, it does not provide P2P Peer to Peer browsing for the U.S free users, and a does not keep any logs either.
  • SurfEasy
SurfEasy is another best free VPN for U.S users who can configure it easily. It allows P2P browsing and is owned by Opera; the apps are easy to use with global servers across the world. The users are comfortable while browsing any website and a comprehensive privacy hides their privacy
  • Hide.Me

Hide.Me provides the strong encryption with servers in 22 countries for the U.S citizens. It has a superb privacy policy with a solid connection speed on 28 servers. It provides great VPN encryption and block websites that are restricted in the United States.
  • Windscribe

Windscribe also provides strong encryption to the free users in the United States. It has a great privacy policy for the users and has a user-friendly interface. It is another free VPN to suit the needs of beginners perfectly; it provides high transparency during browsing. People can use 10GB per month which is a great allowance for them to enjoy the blocked sites. The limitation for the free users is that they do not get the service free on all servers. But it is still able to provide the great speed to its users that are a huge bonus for U.S community.     
  • VPNGate

VPNGate is another free tool for accessing the blocked websites in the United States; it is  volunteer-run anti-censorship software which is difficult to knock. The developers have done the marvelous job at the University of Tsukuba to develop it, but it provides a slow speed as compared to the paid or subscribed services of best VPNs in the United States. VPNGate is same as SuperVPN for PC
These are the five top most VPNs that are best in providing safe and secure Internet surfing option for the people living in United States. You can choose from any of them that caters to your needs best.

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