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Best News Apps of 2018 – Stay Updated

There is always a need for the search of the awesome news app that keeps us updated without the cost of our precious time. Well, you might be wondering that how can reading news can kill our time? You might also question that why we had to switch our fingers from the newspaper to the eye catchy apps? Well, there are a lot of reasons for that and so let’s have a closer look at each of these points.

No doubt newspaper gives us the information of daily happenings across the globe but the question arises, who has that enough time to go through the details of each particular one. In this busy schedule of work when we hardly get the time to focus our mind towards our clumsy body, thinking of fully devoting our mind to the newspaper is far beyond the race. Sometimes we want the news to be short and informative so that the context will be easily available to us. But we hardly find that eye-catchy context in the newspaper and so we shift our mind towards the app that delivers information according to the user’s need. Here is the list of awesome apps that you must definitely download on your device.


Well, if you are a die heart fan of cricket and don’t want to miss any of the latest and the burning news from the world of cricket, then you must definitely download this app on your device. It is easily available in the Google Play Store and so you can easily have a taste of it. From the swiveling deliveries by the bowlers to the best counterattack by the batsmen and above all the show-stealing commentaries by the mind-blowing commentators adds extra to it.

news apps 2018 news apps 2018

   Download Cricbuzz


 This app uses its long source to dig up information for its users starting from the fight among the political titans to the glamorous world of the stars and celebrities. It has everything which you can’t even think of. This app is also among the best news app and all these features insist us to download this app on our device.

news apps 2018 news apps 2018

   Download Times Of India


Launched by Microsoft for the people, the app has a lot of features that can drive you off from your seat. Well developed in the form of a library, it allows the user to dig necessary contents from it. Whether it is from the world of sports or politics it takes care of your every single problem.

news apps 2018 news apps 2018

   Download MSN News


 This app is on the top of the list of short news app and trusts me no other news app has such wide offerings when compared with this one. You just think of the features, you will find this app standing in your way offering such mind-blowing and Prodigy features. It allows the user to save the contents and then allowing it to read in the offline mode. It happens a couple of times when we want to listen to the daily stuff instead of focussing our eyes on the black colored letters. Well, the app also takes care of this problem and let you hear the audible sound of the daily happenings. You can also read the short news directly from their website.

news apps 2018

   Download Short News


What’s the most interesting part of this app is that the context is available in both English and Spanish language that gives it a nice touch. The app mainly focuses on the news related to business brought down by the highly regarded organizations for business. However, it also updates you with the daily happenings across the globe and trusts me all these features you can easily find in this small pocket.

news apps 2018 news apps 2018

   Download AP Mobile

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Final Words

Hope you’ll try these News App in 2018. These Apps are truly awesome. Once you try any of these, you’ll start loving that. If you want to stay updated in 2018 with any kind of news such Technology, Politics, World News, Crime etc, You must have any of these apps. Also Tell your friends about these awesome news apps so that they can also keep themselves updated with the latest news.

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