News is the most potent weapon used by the media to influence the masses in the present day. News channels, newspapers, and media companies often spread false information to instill angst and play with the reader’s psychology.

With such dishonest practices on the rise, it has always been challenging to choose the right news company.

A news channel must remember that it is the first source for providing information about current affairs. Any mismatch in this information might not affect the sectors but might mislead a lot of people. It is essential to broadcast nothing but the truth to the people with proof.

With time, it can be observed that some news companies have started propagating fake news to curb money. Such misleading practices must be purged indefinitely.

Best News Apps in 2019


Here’s a list of the best news applications that have won the trust of the people over time. They have achieved this by broadcasting nothing but the truth to the masses. The top news applications of 2019 are listed as follows:


Lokus app is a Chhattisgarh based news company that has primarily been developed for generating news in India. If you are searching for news apps to read the story from Raipur and Chhattisgarh, then this is the app you need to download. Apart from this, Lokus also brings you national and international news. It is prevalent in the North of India, where Hindi is the dominant language. To make the news easy to read and share, Lokus has also kept English as an additional language.

Android users click here to download Chhattisgarh news app | iOS users click here download Chhattisgarh news app


British Broadcasting Corporation or famously known as BBC is the world’s most prominent news broadcasting application. Not to forget quite famous too. It is renowned for broadcasting news in the UK and Europe. But besides this, it also broadcasts news from all over the world. The app is the oldest news app that can be found on the store for news. It has also been very well developed compactly. You can even stream Live Radio broadcasts through BBC Radio for news.


News channels must remember that they are the first source for providing information about current affairs


Aajtak news is a popular news channel across north India. Mostly because of broadcast news mainly in Hindi. It is the most-watched app for news in Hindi. This news app is fused with many exciting features like Live TV, which allows you to watch a few TV Shows. It broadcasts sports, science and technology and covers all of the latest events happening in and around India. The app pushes for frequent updates and is available on both Android and IOS Stores.



AP Mobile app is another app, which is famous across users on both Android and iOS. It brings news from all around the world right on your fingertips. It might have fewer downloads, but this app is favored more than BBC in the USA. It brings a variety of news with the innumerous genre. AP News is best known for broadcasting trustworthy news. It is, however, compatible with android devices with version 5 and above. What I liked about this app is its ability to depict news stories in slides of pictures.



Jagran Prakashan is the team behind Naidunia. It primarily broadcasts news from Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. You can selectively view a report from the geographic location of your choice in India. It works well with both 2G and 3G.

The apps mentioned above have been classified based on their user ratings and popularity. The choice of choosing an app comes down to an individual’s requirements as to what news they want to watch. However, it is equally important and a must that everyone in this world has one app to understand the mindset of the people and the events that are happening around them.


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Bottom Line

News is a powerful tool that can influence the mindset and emotions of how the government and society functions. It is essential that a story that is shared to the people is unbiased and unadulterated.

It is equally important that people do not jump to conclusions regarding a particular event. Without consulting multiple sources, people must not assume that whatever they have come across is the truth.

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