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8 Best Universal Remote Apps for Android

It’s really terrifying while you have to carry several remote for several gadgets. Suppose you have a TV in your room along with air conditioner and CD player. You either think of using several remote for each device or use best universal remote apps for android device that will give you the access to manage all the gadgets with this app.

Androids one of the amazing feature is IR Blaster. This feature has a lot of efficiency. One of those is manage device which support remote. If your Smartphone has IR Blaster then install best universal remote apps for android and start managing your device with your smartphone.

However, there are a lot of device and brands thus every universal remote app is not supported for all the time. You have the check a few best universal remote apps and select the one which works perfect with your device and smartphone.

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Best Universal Remote Apps for Android

Here I picked up some of best Universal Remote Apps. Browse them and choose which one meet your device’s capability. lets move to the post.


One of the best universal remote apps for android is iRule (Paid). This app supports WI-FI frequency to connect between your smartphone and the device that you want to control through iRule remote apps. If your home appliance supports WI-FI like your AC, Lights, TV then you can easily control these machine with iRule. This app comes with two different versions that supports both iOS and Android. The basic version costs 50$ and you will be able to support three remotes together and another pro version is 100$ which supports five remotes at a time. You can buy this app from either Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. iRule provides after purchase customer services.

Dijit Universal Remote Control

Dijit is another efficient and best universal remote apps for android that you can control your AC, Music player, Projector and other electric devices through your phone. This app has android and iOS version that pairs with your device and the gadget via Bluetooth and work as the IR. This best universal remote app costs 80$ that is quite high in price.

Smart IR Remote

This best universal remote apps for android is all in all for your multi device control with your android smartphone. This remote app for android can control more than 80,000 devices and the list is getting bigger day by day. Every great thing comes with a single con at least and this app is not compatible for Sony smartphones.

Android TV Remote

Android TV Remote is one of the best universal remote app for android device to control android TVs. This remote app comes with an amazing interface which indicates Basic D-pads, touchpads and game pad controllers. This android remote app has another amazing feature that it supports voice controls. This app connects your TVs through wifi or Bluetooth. This app is totally free and available in Google play store.

Unified Remote

This is my most favorite and best universal remote app for android device that I like to use for my Pc efficiently. This app is not only working as my touch mouse assistant but also control a few windows apps in my computer through my android smartphone. This Unified remote app for android isn’t the limitations. This app is compatible for all the platforms.

AnyMote Universal Remote +WiFi

AnyMote is another popular Best universal remote apps for Android devices. This remote app is more than enough to control your all electronic home appliance which supports IR. AnyMote allows you to control plenty of different brands like Samsung, Panasonic and sharp etc. The most interesting part of this app is it can control your Xbox too. This app is totally free for install in your android device or you can pay 4.99$ for the premium version.

ASmart Remote IR

ASmart Remote IR is one of the efficient and best universal remote apps for your android smartphone. If your phone has the feature IR blaster then you can freely control your TV, AC, Camera, Projectors and the gadgets that accepts IR commands with free of charge through your smartphone. This app is getting much popularity thus its’ totally free and HTC, Samsung, Xiaomi are coming with IR blaster feature nowadays.

IR Universal Remote

This updated best universal remote app for android is another perfect remote app for your everyday life. You can easily use three remotes together in your single smartphone and control plenty of devices with this app. You can use this app for free or premium version only at 0.99$ even this app doesn’t bother with showing irrelevant ads on its screen.

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I know there are plenty of best universal remote apps for android device. Some are free and some are paid. If you are enough serious and regular using remote apps to control your appliance then it’s better to choose a paid app which gives you efficiency and maximum supports. It’s not about the price of the app, it’s all about the features that you need for your using purpose.
I recommend you to test these Best Universal Remote Apps and keep the one which supports your maximum gadgets.

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