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Top 5 Best Websites to Read Raw Manga

Read Raw Manga: I found a couple of websites for reading raw manga online. There is a mini-review for every website after the listing to assist you to select your perfect website(s). Please be aware I do not understand how to read Japanese. So, I’ve written reviews accordingly. Here’s the listing:

Best Websites to Read Raw Manga:

  • Hato
  • Gangan Online
  • Manga Toshokan Z
  • Manga Law
  • Tonari no Young Jump

Hato – Best Website to Read Raw Manga

read raw manga

The site is in English. So, I didn’t have to look for a Japanese translation then paste it from the search bar.

Some manga series don’t load on any of the servers.


Gangan Online

It is the official website of Gangan comics and has produced popular series such as”Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?”

The site does not seem to get a search bar and is completely in Japanese.


Manga Toshokan Z

A Redditor said that this really is the ideal place to find older, more popular manga titles that have been discontinued. However, I have not the slightest clue on”how old or how hot” this might be.

I tried looking for”Girl who leaped through time” that is relatively old and hot but didn’t get any hits.

However, there do seem to be plenty of names to browse from.


Manga Law – Read Raw Manga

Much like Hato, this site is in English and has popular titles but the encounter is a bit better. It also has popular names like One Punch Man and Goblin Slayer.

Don’t know about the number of titles and genres however.


Tonari no Young Jump

You can download the manga slides here but it does not supply a full-screen experience. Again, I don’t know how many titles they have.


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So these are the best Websites to read raw manga while exploring on the Internet. Make sure to share these websites with your friends.

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