Big Daddy Gyro Burger – Chicago Food Challenges!

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In this video I’m taking on the Big Daddy Burger Challenge at Johnny’s Beef & Gyros in Chicago, Illinois! I was looking forward to this food challenge especially since it’s so unique!

★ Big Daddy Burger Challenge ★
– A stacked burger with beef and gyro meat
– Topped with onions & cheese between 3 buns
– A large side of delicious chili cheese fries
– An Italian Ice Popsicle for dessert
– About 4.5 pounds of food total
– There is a 30 minute time limit

– Free T-shirt
– Picture on Wall of Fame
– $30 Gift Certificate (Wednesdays only)
– V.I.P. wristband
– Note: Meal not free or discounted ($25)

★ Food Challenge Strategy

First, tackle the burger. Eat the meat first then if I felt comfortable enough, make a smaller and then eat the rest. After the burger, take down the the fries, then the Popsicle last. I forgot my big fork for this challenge but thankfully the plastic forks provided at Johnny’s were pretty sturdy which let me eat more of the fries at a time.

★ Food Challenge Review
The Big Daddy Challenge was delicious! A little messy with the Tzatziki sauce, but that is to be expected. The difference in delectable flavors from all three items definitely made it an enjoyable experience throughout the entire food challenge. My only suggestion to improve this challenge would be to award the $30 gift card on any completion of the Big Daddy Challenge, regardless of day.

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