Things to consider before buying a gaming laptop under $600

Do you really think that purchasing a gaming laptop is as easy as determining a budget and choosing one from a top brand? If you are the one, then your gaming knowledge needed to be rechecked.

The gaming industry has seen a new boost in recent years; people are fond of playing games like never before. It has become tricky to choose a gaming laptop as per your need and preferences. When you kick start researching on it, you come to know that there are dozens of things you need to look at before deciding a product to buy.

On the same time, this has given a myriad of options to choose from.

Now, you got to see dozens of brand manufacturing, hundreds of different products with different specs and looks. Today’s laptop is way lightweight; there is no more back-breaking to deal to carry a laptop around.

In this guide, we are going to narrate, how to purchase a gaming laptop under $600. In our other blog, Guru Verdict, we have provided a detailed guide on the same.

Let’s take a little recap of that.

What to Look before Buying a $600 Gaming Laptop?

Picking a gaming laptop among hundreds is more fun than ever before. The devices of today come with lots of advancement and cutting edge feature. You need to have a yardstick of the following factors to choose a gaming laptop.


The most significant and most crucial factor to look into a gaming machine is its GPU, aka graphics card. This section of a laptop processes the visuals and assists CPU in bringing forth better display. With the advancement of technology and gaming needs, the manufacturers have to come up with something out of the box to nail the graphics rendering issue with GPU.

For a gaming laptop under $600, you cannot expect to have a bulky GPU; still housing an NVidia GeForce MX 150 would be more than enough.

If you see a graphics card more than that, it means, the manufacturers have cut corners in featuring a better-sized GPU. It is kind of balancing, NVidia GeForce MX 1050 is the size, a 600 gaming laptop deserves.

In this range, you cannot run high-ended games, and you must not expect this from a budget gaming machine.


Undoubtedly, CPU is the brain of a computer. This is the part of the computer what handles everything such as calculation, controlling players, browsing, and much more. The section also has enormous effects on your operating system performance, applications and software running and non-playable players. While picking a gaming laptop’s CPU, keep in mind that always goes with an Intel CPU. You would not find a gaming laptop with AMD CPU, in case you see, do not purchase it. The latest games hitting the market consume a high amount of powers from CPU compared to the old games.

If you grab an excellent speed processor, you have triumphed half of the task. For a gaming laptop under this budget, you need to catch at least 8th generation Core i5 processor. The gaming machine of this range processor would make the processing faster and quicker, and you enjoy playing high-ended games even.


After ensuring that GPU and CPU have enough power to make you play the latest high-ended games, the next point comes, having a good-sized RAM. Pick a laptop that offers at least 8GB RAM for playing video games. The more the ram you house, the better your gaming experience on the laptop will be. The laptop with the mentioned RAM would do the trick; do not settle less than that.


For gamers, the display is another integral feature to look for after GPU. This is a crucial element for a superior gaming experience. Your all hard-work and money spent on having a good spec gaming laptop would go on waste, until unless you have a display which produces fantastic colors.

You would see the avid gamers spending extra bucks in housing a vibrant display featuring gaming laptop.

For the display of gaming laptop under 600, have backlit IPS HD display with the resolution of 1920 x 1080. The screen size of 15-inch would fill the bill quickly; you enjoy playing any video game on a 15-inch screen.


In the age of WhatsApp and snap chat, the importance of storage type has increased. The kind of storage impacts the overall speed of the system. The section needed closer attention which type of storage you need to have for a gaming laptop of 600 bucks.

No doubt, SSD storage speed is way faster than traditional HDD storages. Once, you get to taste an SSD hard; you would not be able to go down on the standard of HDD. So, if you have a laptop for casual gaming, look for an SSD hard rather ample housing amount of HDD storage.

For gaming laptop under 600, you can have 256GB SSD hard and 1TB HDD hard, the choice is yours, what suits your need and budget.


The keyboard is the part what you use the most while playing a video game. The keyboard should be comfortable, with increased Key travel speed. For gamers, the look of the keyboard should be somehow stylish, and Backlit addition would be the icing on the cake. I cannot think of any big brand can afford to add a backlit keyboard under the mentioned budget. Still, if you are a fan of Backlit Keyboard, you can find a laptop, but other features would have cut short.

The Final Thought:

If you think that a gaming laptop under the mentioned price would run the latest high-ended AAA titles, you are living in a world of idiots. A budget laptop cannot offer you that luxury, the mobile-computer of the range is for the casual gamer, and one should expect of playing low to average video games with low-average graphics settings.

I am not brushing off your hopes of playing video games with a 600 dollars gaming laptop; you can have old pc games run over there.

Try to grab a dedicated graphics card and mentioned CPU range to maintain pace in playing video games.

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