Before Buying Online from Check the Dollar to Pound Exchange Rate

To say that Amazon is massive seems like a vast understatement. The appropriately named website’s reach is daunting, and the online marketplace provides more products – from the run of the mill to the truly bizarre – than any other purveyor. It also now connects to more countries than ever before, providing a shopping experience unlike any other.


If, however, you happen to reside in a country that does not have its own Amazon site just yet, or can’t find a product you need on the US site and venture over to the UK one, for example, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here’s a handy list of things to consider before placing your order.

Get the Most for Your Money

For one, to ensure that you get the best value to the dollar – or pound – consider your goal and what the options are. If you’re, say, purchasing a present for someone abroad, it might be more convenient to use their local site, rather than paying for the cost of international shipping, and also enduring its turtle-like speed. Although, if you discovered a product being sold for much less on the US mirror site and are tempted to switch, it would be prudent to factor in the shipping costs to see how much you’re really saving.

The Exchange Rate

After having weighed your options and selected your items and added them to your online cart, follow Amazon’s instructions on how to toggle between your local currency and US dollars – or vice versa. On the final checkout page before payment, choose the currency in which you would like to order, and then click the automatic “1-Click payment to USD” option on the product detail page.

While Amazon does have a built-in currency converter, it is always better to double-check with It is an external site that provides real-time exchange rates so that you make sure you’re receiving the best value for your money. Having quick and easy access to the currency conversion rates is key to making the most of your international online shopping experience, especially when you are empowered with the latest information – easily accessible with just a click. If you skip this step, you might not otherwise realize how much you are actually paying for your Amazon goods until you receive your credit card bill. And that’s not always such a pleasant surprise.

Customs Fees

Finally, always be weary of customs fees. Depending on the type of good ordered, and the particular vendor selling it – whether it’s through Amazon Marketplace or Amazon acts as a fulfillment center on behalf of a third party – customs fees can be involved. Sometimes they won’t break the bank. Other times, they can be rather hefty, especially when factoring in the ever-important currency exchange rate.

Do Your Homework!

Always be ready to research a bit before making a purchase through the super behemoth Amazon. While it can be a wonderful experience, and waiting for your package with bated breath will always make you feel like a giddy kid, it’s best to make sure that you’re not inadvertently going broke first.

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