7 Cool Office Supplies and Gadgets That Will Revitalize Your Office Space

The supplies and gadgets you choose to keep in your office space make it what it is. Sure, office space is still functional with a desk, a chair, and a computer only but that combination is not efficient at all. Some people still are not looking ahead of standing desks and basic computer monitor stands. Even though these items are essential and useful, there is a lot more you can do to your office space to make it cooler.

There are many gadgets and supply you can place in your office space to make it look like a million dollars. Not only will these items increase the physical appeal of your office, but they will also make your work in the office more efficient and comfortable as well. Here are some of our best picks:

Desk Organizer

How many times have you wanted a simple item from your desk and had to fumble through an entire clutter of stationery to finally get to it? Too many times to count, I bet, and this holds especially true for people who do not have desk organizers.

We cannot possibly emphasize enough on how much everyone truly needs a desk organizer. It can make your work in the office infinitely more efficient. You will have a specific space to keep everything in and take everything out of. And you will have to do extend your arm to get to it. A decluttered desk will look pleasing to the eye, and at the same time, it will make your work in the office easier as well.

Stress Balls and Resistance Bands

Another set of cool things you can have in your office are resistance bands and stress balls. These items are both used for stress relief. If you ever feel like your mind is going out of control and you need to take your frustration out on something (a phenomenon that is very common in most offices) you can pick up one of the two items and work on it. Statistics have shown that making use of these stress relievers can have a massive impact on the user’s mental state and they can feel calmer afterward.

USB Vacuum Cleaner

Another personal pet peeve of ours is messy office space. But sometimes you cannot help scattering crumbs while you are snacking or bringing in the dusty air when you open the window once in a while.

For this situation, a few things will be quite as helpful as a mini USB vacuum cleaner. Every time you see a messy space, you wouldn’t have to go looking for a washcloth. You can plug in the vacuum cleaner and let it do its job.

Mini USB Fridge

We often have to go all the way to the break room to get a can of soda or a bottle of water. It can be especially inconveniencing for people who have a lot of workloads and get the craving for a drink in the midst of it.

A USB mini fridge will allow you to stope around 2-4 cans of drinks or small bottles of water. It will keep them cold for you till you want it. It can prove to be a slightly more expensive purchase, but when it comes to convenience, it can be worth every penny.

Indoor Plants

No office space is complete without a good number of indoor plants in it. Indoor plants clean the air and some of them freshen it up as well. Other than that, they are very aesthetically pleasing to look at and add a lot to the otherwise dull décor of an office room. There are many other benefits that indoor plants can bring to your office space so if you want to give your workplace new energy, just put up some indoor plants around wherever you can.

Exercise Equipment

We understand that exercise equipment in the office is only possible if you have space for it. But it can prove to be a valuable asset because one of the most prevalent problems in office workers is that of a sedentary lifestyle.

Exercise equipment right in the office will allow you to work out in the morning before you start working. It will keep you active throughout the day as well and make you generally healthy too. You might want to bring in your workout clothes if you’re going to implement this strategy, though!

Eco-Friendly Paper and Pens

No matter how much we digitalize our work environments, papers, pens, pencils, and the likes will always be necessary. So as long as we are using these things, why not make it good for the environment too?

You can get notepads and sticky notes made of recycled paper. You can also find pens and pencils made of recycled paper too. Use these instead of your regular ones to help Mother Nature out a little bit too!

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