How to create Your Business Logo & Email Address?

The logo is an integral part of your business’ entity. According to statistics, 67% of small businesses spend an average of $500 on their logo design. If you think logo designing is simple, you should be amazed to find that up to 20 logo design principles exist and need to be followed when creating a business logo. A successful business requires integration of so many elements, including a company name, brand name, a logo, a website, and a professional email address.

Find out how to create a great business logo for your company. This guide will also help you create your business name and professional email address, two elements which are important for your company’s success.

Logo Designing Tips

You would be surprised to know that the British Petroleum spent a staggering $211 million in 2000 to redesign their logo. Today, you can design your professional logo yourself for free.

There are many ways in which a well-designed logo helps your business. It is important to follow these professional tips to create a logo that can make the difference for your brand:

i. What Your Business is About?

The logo should give an indication of what your company is about. The design elements used should speak about your company’s culture and what kind of experience your customers can expect. It should reflect your company’s:

  • Values
  • Attributes
  • User experience

ii. Make Proper Use of Color

Different colors have different meanings and communicate different ideas. How your target audience feels when they look at your logo depends a lot on the use of colors. You are either limited by the scope of the colors of your brand or you can choose from a wide range of options.

  • The right colors grab your attention and pull you
  • Colors provide further context to your logo’s design
  • The perfect logo design is versatile and should work great even when used in grayscale

iii. The Right Fonts

The choice of the font and typeface speaks about your brand’s personality. So you should choose fonts and typefaces that can be related to your company and the products you offer. For example, a company selling children’s products will have a different logo design compared to a lifestyle brand for adults.

There should be cohesion between your brand’s personality and the typeface. It is also better to create your unique custom fonts. This can help in building both brand and logo identity.

You can use a Logo Maker to design your own logo without any help from a designer. This tool can be used by anyone with basic IT skills. The simple steps involved are as follows:

  • Enter your company name or brand name. Explain what your company does.
  • Describe your logo in a few words. The logo maker will design your logo based on your input.
  • Customize the logo with your choice of fonts, colors, icons, and other design elements. This allows you to create a logo that perfectly suits your requirements.
  • Download the logo file. Once the design is finalized, you can download the logo as a high-quality image file.

How to Create Your Business Name?

Traditionally, it took hours of brainstorming to come up with a number of proposed names for your business. Even then, it would take weeks to finally select a name that meets all parameters. Today, you can easily create your business name with the help of an AI-powered Business Name Generator. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps:

  • Describe your company in a few words. Make sure to describe your company in terms of your industry, products offered, and how your business stands out.
  • Think of the USPs that make your business stand out and use them in your company name.
  • Consider your location and whether you may want to include it in your business name.
  • Create a short and simple name that is easy to pronounce and remember.

Once you have a list of names, you should choose the one that defines your brand in the best possible way.

Create a Professional Email Address

If you think that you can communicate effectively with your target customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders using a Gmail account, you are wrong. Every time someone sees your Gmail-based email account, it will send out the signal that your company is not professional. A professional, Business Email can make a huge difference in so many ways:

  • It helps build trust by allowing your customers to see an email address that contains your company name.
  • A business email creates a professional image. Every time an email is sent to someone, they are going to give it more attention and emphasis.
  • Including your company name also helps promote your brand.

You can easily create your Business Email by using the right tool. It will be required to create your site, choose a paid plan, and then connect your domain address to your website. You can then buy the required number of mailboxes to complete the process.

Once you have set up a professional email address, designed a logo, and set up your website, it will become much easier to run your marketing campaigns.

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