Cristiano Ronaldo accelerates on the fitness business

May 14, 2020 at 7:40 PM by Thomas

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 fitness

Cristiano Ronaldo accelerates his project to develop centers dedicated to fitness.

The project dates back a few years, but it has only been accelerating recently. This, thanks to the rise in power and influence by Cristiano Ronaldo, more involved than ever, as recently as five days ago to promote on its social networks the fitness programs, provided as part of its association of image and business, with the group Crunch Fitness.

Soon more fitness centers stamped CR7

To give a stronger resonance to the concept, the media Palco23 in Spain, understands that the brands “CR7” and “Crunch Fitness” are discussing the takeover of rooms associated with the Spanish group, Rock Gym. This in order to expand in the country, more widely than in the two existing Madrid clubs. The operation would aim in particular to take over nine additional clubs, in Madrid (4), Marbella, Jaén, Murcia, Badajoz and La Coruña. It is not finalized, but Palco23 has noticed that the rooms in question are already included in the list of those promoted on the CR7 Fitness Crunch web space. And indeed, they are well mentioned in the drop-down menu.

Cristiano Ronaldo relaunches a project that would be close to his heart

The new centers could be inaugurated in June, at the same time as Spain will again authorize the use of sports halls for collective practice. The fitness space project jointly initiated by the Portuguese footballer and one of the most dominant franchises in its sector in the United States began at the end of 2017. It did not take off until the arrival l last summer, new investors at the head of Crunch Fitness. “With this agreement, the attacker reaffirms his attachment to the project and his ambition to extend the chain in Portugal”, writes Palco23, about the Juventus Turin player.

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