Daily guest Florence Foresti watches Cyril Hanouna on TV

A pretty funny scene took place on Daily this Thursday, May 7. Indeed, Interviewed on the show, Florence Foresti took the opportunity to make fun of the presenter of TMC, Yann Barthès by mentioning several times his rival at the same time slot, Cyril Hanouna.

TPMP rather than Daily?

Everyone knows Florence Foresti, the queen of the joke, perfectly. She was talked about again this Thursday evening after her appearance in Quotidien. While Yann Barthès was questioning him about his habits of confinement, the humorist did not miss this chance to make fun of the presenter.

Indeed, she started her call in the bathroom before finishing in the living room, where you could see the television on. Obviously, no question for her to put the show she is doing, in the background we could see “Do not touch My TV“, a program concurrent with that of TMC.

If competition is healthy, we also know that Cyril Hanouna and Yann Barthès maintain a certain enmity towards each other. During this scene, Florence Foresti said that she watched Daily every day, and that it was her dog that had changed channels by stepping on the remote control. A joke that made the whole audience laugh and even Yann Barthès. The scene ends quickly, since the comedian changed channels to avoid the length of the joke.

A nice nod to Cyril Hanouna and a joke that suddenly made the spectators of Daily and those of TPMP.

A confinement of a mother

Once the joke was made, Florence Foresti spoke of her confinement and the least we can say is that she is omnipresent for her daughter.

Indeed, the comedian said that she had to do school at home for her daughter, and spoke of homework. This Thursday, May 7, she was to have her daughter revised on Romanesque, Gothic churches etc …: “If you need, I’m on it, I’m good“. Florence Foresti spoke again about her favorite drink for 2 months and the beginning of confinement: It is an organic fruit cocktail ….

obviously, for the joke, she had hidden this drink behind a dozen bottles of beer.

Finally, the comedian explained that she was happy wearing the masks, which could save her a lot of things. Indeed, she gains financially, she economizes acid injections and physically. If not, she would like beautiful kids and ugly ones to be deconfigured first. “I find that physically, I gain a lot. It spares me this little rhinoplasty that I have been shifting for 46 years! And then I gain financially too, because I save hyaluronic acid injections in the furrows! I told myself that we could have first deconfigured the beautiful kids and the ugly, the women over 45 years old like me.

And we let them brew like that all summer, and we keep all the connoisseurs, the beautiful women, much longer. (…) We keep them until September 2021, so that we can enjoy nature a bit! “

One thing is certain, the containment did not lose the humor of the young woman and that’s good for us.

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