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9 Facts About Deep Web That You Never Heared

Internet is one of the biggest phenomenons to grip the world. There is no way that anyone can live without the Internet with how the world is moving forward today. With all news and major happening across the world instantly on your palms, internet has made the world a smaller place to live. However, the internet that you see and can access is only the tip of the iceberg. There is another bigger place on the internet which the search engines have not indexed and hardly any people know about it. It is known as the “Deep Web” or the “Hidden Web”.

Let us look at some interesting facts about this Deep Web that you may have never heard of.

Deep Web is bigger than you have thought

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There is a good reason why you haven’t heard about the Deep Web. This part of the internet is filled with a number of darker secrets of the world. Also, it is not a very small portion on the internet. Back in 2003, the Deep Web had over 500 Billion pages of information. Compare this to the fact that currently, there are 1 billion pages on regular internet now; imagine how big the Deep web is it.

You need a Special Browser to connect to the Deep Web

The reason why most people don’t know about the Deep Web is that you just cannot log in to the Deep web whenever you want from a regular pc. For you to access deep web, you would require a special software called “The Onion Router” or the “TOR Browser”. The Tor hides the user’s IP Address, making him anonymous on the internet which prevents others to track him.

Transactions don’t involve cash or cards

Most of the transactions on the Deep Web don’t involve cash, credit cards or cheque.  This is because they can leave behind a paper trail which can be tracked down. Backed in the day, Bitcoin formed the base of most of the transactions on the Deep Web. But after the soaring popularity of the Bitcoin, most people switched over to Coinbase to make payments.

You can literally buy anything on the Deep Web

When people say that you can literally buy anything on the Deep web, it is very true. From Drugs, Weed, Weapons to buying children, child spirits and more, everything is available on the deep web markets. You can really find a lot of weird stuff on the Deep Web.

Full of Criminal Activities

The Deep Web has formed the base of almost all the Criminal Activities one can possibly imagine. From finding some of the best online hackers to hiring a hitman, buying drugs to buying weapons, you can find a number of such activities on the Deep Web.

The Deep web brings out the real truth

Most countries or governments across the world have their media houses censored or controlled by them. These places don’t allow the people to speak the truth easily and the Journalism is controlled so the complete truth is not revealed to the people. The Deep web allows such individuals and journalists to provide the world with the unfiltered truth.

Deep web was the home for an Album release once

Death grips became the first band to release their full album on the Deep web. Titled ‘No Love Deep Web’, the band thought that it would be a great way to generate an interest in their album whilst only ensuring only their strongest followers would be able to get their hands on their songs.

Fixing Scandals

One of the most prominent criminal activities prevalent on the Deep Web is fixing of sporting events. Since the Deep web is a much more difficult to track part of the internet, you will find a number of betting houses or bookies easily being able to set up contacts with athletes and transfer funds in the form of crypto currencies.

There’s a lot more porn on the Deep Web than on the regular web

Porn is easily available across the internet but the Deep Web has become the base of some of the most illicit activities across the world. While sharing child pornography has been made a serious offence around a number of countries across the world, it is being shared without any fear on the deep web.

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The End Note

There’s a lot more to the Internet than the regular web. Deep web is multi-fold times bigger than the regular web and has been a base where a lot of criminal activities take place. This part of the internet is anonymous to most people across the web and a lot of them cannot access it in a similar way to the regular web, which makes it a really dangerous place on the internet.

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