Denis Brogniart promises something never seen before the start of the next season of the Koh-Lanta game.

It will still stir in the cottages, promises Denis Brogniart about the future season of Koh-Lanta, whose editing will resume soon.

Asked in the daily newspaper Aujourd’hui in France, the host of TF1 announces that the start of this season already shot will be unprecedented in the history of the game. The candidates were turned upside down. “ Some viewers may swallow a piece of pizza askew while watching…

During the interview, Denis Brogniart returned to the scandalous reactions of certain Internet users, on Twitter & Co, towards competitors. “ Their anonymity disgusts me. I would like the authorities to be able to find out who is behind the nicknames, that the law be stricter, that these people do not feel that they are in impunity. ” Finding them would be a game changer, he continues.

Concerning the issue of Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes broadcast this Friday, May 8: The last piece of advice left traces. Betrayals and lies are updated. The castaways are getting tense and some adventurers no longer know how to play to stay in the race.

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