Discord Hardware Acceleration

How to Disable Hardware Acceleration in Discord

Discord hardware acceleration: Hardware acceleration is something some program uses to more effectively handle specific jobs. A good example of this may be on-screen transitions the GPU can do far simpler than the CPU. This smart system does have a drawback however because it could marginally introduce extra strain on the GPU. If you are discovering FPS (Frames per second) drops in matches when utilizing Discord, hardware acceleration might be a part of the issue.

How to Turn Off Hardware Acceleration in Discord

Discord Hardware Acceleration

You are going to need to get the Discord desktop because this alternative isn’t available from the internet edition of Discord.

  • Step 1: In Discord, click on the equipment icon beside your name in the lower-left corner
  • Step 2: Click Look under Program Settings on the left side (you might need to scroll right down )
  • Step 3: At the Look configurations, scroll all of the ways into the bottom and click on the switch onto Hardware Acceleration to disable it manually.


You need to observe a small improvement on your FPS if Discord can be running. If you later discover that there is not much of an advancement, you can allow hardware acceleration by simply flipping the exact same switch.

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