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It’s pear fruit eating time! One pear a day keeps the doctor away means that eating a pear a day (or fruits or vegetables in general, basically, foods that are good for you) can improve one’s health and thus keep the doctor away.

Here are 8 impressive health benefits of pear eating:
– Highly nutritious.
– May promote gut health.
– Contain beneficial plant compounds.
– Have anti-inflammatory properties.
– May offer anticancer effects.
– Linked to a lower risk of diabetes.
– May boost heart health.
– May help you lose weight.

I especially enjoyed the part where I drop pear in water … and also the pear sound when I take big bites from the fruits.

0:00 – Pear fruit drop in water
0:42 – Pear eating time
1:42 – Pear slice & macro photography
2:12 – Pear eating time
4:57 – Closing thoughts
5:06 – Outro & Drop pear in water

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