Facebook Friend Removal

Facebook Friend Removal: Remove Inactive Friends

Facebook Friend Removal: Facebook is world’s largest social networking platform. Everyone’s first favorite social network is only Facebook. They want to join Facebook First and then other Social Platform. Everyone makes new friends by sending or accepting friend requests. If you have a lot of well known Facebook Friends, then probably you are getting lots of reactionscomments, and shares on your Statuses and Pictures. This is called engagement.

Facebook Friend Removal

Sometimes we have a lot of friends on your Facebook friend list and ain’t getting enough likes, shares and comments on statuses, pictures. Your profile becomes dead because of inactive friends.

May You have made a lot of inactive and unknown friends. They are the reason you’re not getting a good number of reactions, and comments.

Wanna remove them? 

Yeah! You will take Facebook Friend Removal Action for sure. You will open your Facebook Friend list and remove them one by one. Isn’t it time consuming?

What if you have thousands of Friends and Hundreds of inactive friends. It will take much time removing one by one. E.g. You have 3000 Friends, about 1400 or 1600 Friends are active and like, react, comment or share your posts. Rest are inactive.

How will you remove them?

Removing them One by One, gonna kill your whole Day. 😉

Is there any other way?

Yeah! Don’t Worry! Go through this post. You can remove all inactive friends at just one click.

I was suffering from same Situation; it was more time consuming to remove them one by one.

Here is what I did? I found a good tool with an outstanding feature, called Facebook Friend Remover Pro.

Then I opened my friend list and ran the tool and marked all inactive friends, by Hitting Enter, It started cleaning.

Within 2-4 Minutes all inactive friends were removed from the list. Within this period I finished a Cup of Tea and some Biscuits. 😉

Facebook Friend Remover Pro is a browser Extension Which removes friends in bulk. After Installing it you have to just select inactive friends manually, Rest Work will be done by this awesome Tool.

How to take Facebook Friend Removal Action?

Follow the below Steps to Remove all inactive friends.

  • First all of download and install the given Extension on your browser:

For Chrome Users Only: FRIEND REMOVER PRO

Note: This Extension is available only for Chrome Users. So to do this, you need Chrome Browser.

  • Now open your Facebook Friend List. To do this, just go to Profile then click on Friends
  • Move your Cursor to above Right Corner and Click the Extension you have installed in above Step.
  • After Clicking the Extension, New Tab will be opened automatically(See the Picture below)

facebook friend removal

  • Now Start Selecting Inactive Friends carefully.
  • Once Done, Click Remove Friends.

It will ask to confirm, Confirm it.

facebook friendd removal

  • It will start removing inactive friends from your Facebook friend list.

facebook friendd removal

Voila! Now you have successfully Removed inactive friends from your list.

Benefit of Facebook Friend Removal

There is benefit of taking Facebook Friend Removal action. Using this tool once in three months will keep your profile clean. You will have only active Friends and nothing else. This tool is great for them who has a lot of Inactive friends on their list. They can use this tool to get rid of inactive friends and welcome new friends.

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Facebook Friend Removal Action is must require once within 3 months. You should try this once. I am using this tool to keep my profile clean. I love this tool. It is available on Chrome Store Free of Cost. If you have any query regarding this tool, mention in the comment box. it will be answered for sure.

Sharing this post will help others in cleaning their friend list. Let them also take Facebook Friend removal Action. It will inspire me to write more like this.

Thank you!!

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