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How To Get Free Google Play Credits?

There are millions of apps available on Play Store which you can download for Android Smartphones. Though some Apps are Paid, it’s worth it. But you can get this Paid Apps for Free using Google Play Credits. So, here in this article, I’m going to tell you How to Get Free Google Play Credits.

Paid Apps available on the Play Store take money but it’s really worth it and you might like to Purchase it but due to some reasons you can’t afford it.
There are many methods available on the internet but here I’m going to tell the Best Method to Get Free Google Play Credits.
Though you can get those paid apps from any external links its not worth it as it may contain virus or malware which can steal your personal data. So, it is highly recommended to use the Apps only which are downloaded from Google Play Store.
Also, the best part about Google Play Credits is that they never expire. So, if you have Google Play Credits available in your wallet, you don’t need to worry about its expiry.
So, let’s proceed further and check out How to Get Free Google Play Credits. But before we begin, let’s check How to Add Money to your Google Play Wallet for those who want to add.

How To Add Credits In Your Google Play Wallet?

  • Firstly, Visit Google Play Store.
  • Now Click on Settings Icon & Go to My Account.
  • Click On Add Debit/Credit Card.
  • Now Make the Payment using your Debit/Credit Card & Money will be added to your Google Play Wallet.
This is how you can add Credits to your Google Play Wallet.


These are the requirements to use Google Opinion Rewards on your Smartphone.
  • A Google Account 
  • A Smartphone or a iPhone or you can use any Android Emulators.
  • Google Wallet Account On Play Store
So, let’s proceed further and check out How to Get Free Google Play Credits?

 How To Get Free Google Play Credits?

As I said, there are many methods available on the Internet but I’m going to tell you the Best & Legal method using which you can Get Free Google Play Credits to Purchase Paid Apps.
Google Opinion is the App which Pays you Free Google Play Credits for Completing simple surveys. It is an Official App From Google using which you can get your Free Credits.
You just need to install the App from Play Store & Once you have installed, Sign in using your Gmail Account. You will receive small surveys and once you complete those surveys, you will receive Free Google Play Credits using which you can purchase your favorite App from Google Play Store.
To use this App, you just need a Google Account & a Smartphone. Once you fulfilled this requirement, you are eligible to Earn Google Play Credits by giving your opinion to Google Opinion App.
Let’s proceed further and check step by step guide to Get Free Google Play Credits.
Step By Step Guide:
  • Firstly, You need to Download Google Opinion App From Google Play Store or you can directly download it by clicking here.
  • Once you have downloaded the App, Install & Open the App.
  • Now Select the Account which is Registered for Google Wallet.
  • After Selecting Account, Complete your Profile.
  • Done!
Now you are Eligible for Receiving the Surveys. Once you receive the Survey, just give your opinion correctly and you will be earning Free Google Play Credits.
This method is one of the Best & Legit methods to Get Free Google Play Credits. Make sure you give your correct opinion to receive your surveys else you won’t be receiving surveys.
At Starting, you will receive less but as you continue with this App you will start receiving higher surveys. Also, make sure that you give genuine answers to receive more and higher value surveys.


Basically, this is the simplest and legit method to get Free Google Play Credits as it is an Official Googles App. I Recommend you to use this method to get your Play Credits and Purchase your favorite App.
Hope you liked this Article on How to Get Free Google Play Credits. Comment below if you have any query. 

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