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Google Search Tricks That Will Make Your Search Easier

Search Tricks: Are you tired of searching on the search engine but don’t get the exact result? Or You remember some words of phrase or lyrics but don’t know what it is. We face many problems such as mentioned above, to get a result we want.
Here We are back with some tweaks by which you can make your search easier than usual. You can call these tweaks “Search Tricks.”

I have included some extra tips to get small results on Google’s Homepage such as Calculation, Weather, Translating, etc. You don’t need to go to any web page. You can browse small things on Google’s Home Page.

Google is trying to make hard human life easier. Google knows all about us. They track each activity you do on the Internet. From your favorite artist to your underwear size, you are sharing everything with
Big G.

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Lets go through the Post to learn More about Search Tricks.

Search Tricks to make search easier

Use Quotes to search an Exact Phrase:

If you are looking for the accurate result in the search result for any expression, Use Double Quotes. e.g. “How to learn to code for free.”

Use Double Quotes

Use an asterisk

Use of asterisk(**) also plays an important role in searching. If you forget middle word of any phrase then using the asterisk, you can find out that word.e.g. “The pen is * than the sword.” You will get the entire phrase in a search result.Asterisk can be used in many another way. Use your mind ?. Isn’t one of the cool tricks?

Use the minus sign:

If you are searching for Android mobiles and you type it into the search bar, but you don’t want to any e-commerce site included in result then you can filter them out using Minus(-) sign.e.g. Android Mobiles -amazon -snapdeal -Flipkart. Isn’t a cool Search Tricks?

Result before Minus
Result before Minus


Results after Minus
Results after Minus




to learn the meaning of words: If you want to learn definition of any term, use “Define:word.”e.g. Define:Pizza

Intitle: and allintitle:

These search operators are used by webmasters to find out a low competition for any particular keywords.Intitle:word, It will provide you all web pages that included that words in their title tag. e.g. intitle:best-paid appsallintitle:word, It will help you to find all pages that have the same keyword in title. Both operators are similar to each other, ain’t?

Know What Links to What:

You can use it to find out some links to any site or which sites give links to a particular site.e.g.

Get live Weather Information:

You can get the weather information of any place. Just Open Search Bar and Type Weather:Location. e.g. Weather:Newyork

Get Directions and Ask for Navigation:

To get direction and navigation of Destination just type “navigation” or “direction” in search bar and hit enter, you will get result like the image below. Put Your Starting point, and Ending point of your journey and Hit Get direction button. Cool Search Tricks? Yeah! It is.

Search your Photos:

Directly Browse your photos on Homepage of Google using “My Photos.” Only you can see these pictures if you are logged in. Otherwise, you don’t. You may not know this Search trick before.

My Photos

Use these Search Operators or Secrets to get better results in search result and make your search easier than usual. I have added only few of Search operators. There are many useful Search operators available on the web. Go and Search.


Share this post to your friends so that they can get benefit of these useful search operators.
Or You know any others Search operators, let me know in comment. If it will be helpful, will be included to this list.

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