His photo with ‘cotton bras’ panics the web

Agathe Auproux is probably the chronicler of TPMP the most talked about since containment. Indeed, the young woman has often been the subject of violent criticism on social networks because of her lifestyle since the confinement imposed by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, in order to protect herself from the health crisis already having caused several hundred thousand deaths. For example, Agathe Auproux did not hesitate to make product placements in order to continue to rake in money, which TPMP fans considered disrespectful compared to the current context.

What is more, Agathe Auproux has also allowed itself to invest in food products by promoting the benefits of a large retail chain.

Agathe Auproux does not allow herself to be put down and continues her product placements. A few minutes ago, to carry out a product placement for female lingerie, the young woman showed herself without a top with just a cotton bra.

Agathe Auproux poses “with cotton bras”

Despite the holiday to celebrate the end of the Second World War, TPMP’s most criticized columnist announced the end of her confinement outfit, explaining that her outfit consisted only of her “Celtics jogging with cotton bras”, as indicated by the legend affixed just below the post of the influencer.

Obviously, everything suggests that Agathe Auproux has just completed a product placement for these famous cotton bras, which the chronicler of TPMP proudly exhibits. Check out the picture.

In a few minutes, and at the time of writing, his photo quickly reached the 20,000 likes mark, a very good score for the TPMP columnist when we know that the symbolic bar of 20,000 likes is often reached in just over an hour for the emblematic chroniclers of TPMP.

TPMP fans react to Agathe Auproux’s photo

Agathe Auproux was to be expected, by revealing such an explicit photo, the chronicler of TPMP raised the temperature on social networks. TPMP fans did not hesitate to compliment it, like these Internet users who indicate: “you’re hot as usual”, “I would like to be in the place of the bra” or “you want to be my wife Gatou?”. But some TPMP fans could not hide their dissatisfaction with the young woman’s outfit.

Thus, we could see some comments of extreme violence, comments for which Agathe Auproux decided not to answer.

Agathe Auproux in the turmoil of social networks

If Agathe Auproux loves to feed the buzz around her because of her photos, the young woman is in the turmoil of social networks for insulting certain French political figures. In fact, in her Instagram story published a few days ago, the TPMP columnist compared the Prime Minister to a clown by replacing the man’s face with a clown emoji. A montage that had deeply indignant fans of TPMP but also fans of Agathe Auproux, saying that what she had done did not match her image of a cultivated woman.

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