How To Acquire First 1000 Users Without Spending Single Penny For Your Android App?

There are a lot many successful mobile apps that have boasted of not spending a single dollar in attracting their first 100 users in their early days. Surely, paid advertising does work but it is not like you cannot do without it. There are other great ways of attracting your early users, influencing them and engaging them on your platform without spending huge. From quality content marketing to press release, to even creating community channels on social media. For these things you do not need investment of money, but investment of time and strategy. 

Whenever you launch your app, the first question that should strike you is how to become noticeable to the right kind of audience. In this article, we share with you some important ways of acquiring your first 1000 users without spending a single penny for your android app. 

1. Target your audience

The very first thing that you need to do is choose the audience for your app. When you select your target audience it will help you in creating marketing strategy for your potential users. You cannot make everyone interested in your app, for sure. So if you do not plan out to create your niche, your product will not sell. You have to research well to create your customer base and this will include details such as gender, age, income levels, demographics. The more information you get about your users, the better will be the chances of return on investment (ROI).

2.  Growth hack

This is not your ideal marketing plan and it primarily focuses on improving your user growth through incentives, and by including automatic follow features. A lot many startups utilise growth hacking for a lot many reasons catering to the needs of their product. These reasons would most likely be a tight budget, faster growth or a short target time. 

3. Gaining recognition for your product

There is no one single way of finding ways to get your product recognized. One way however could be by giving away free content. Who does not like free content and it also helps in creating a brand name for oneself to the potential users. To acquire your first 1000 users you have to spread word of mouth and make full use of social media to access your first 1000. Word of mouth would mean verbally telling your acquaintances, family members or colleagues about what you are building. Use social media to educate the viewers on what your mobile app is about and try to convert them into potential users. 

You will have to plan out how to build traffic and utilise SEO when you launch your mobile app. There will be no sales generation if there is no traffic. 

4. Create blogs

7 out of 10 consumers prefer reading blogs over advertisements. So make use of WordPress and come up with blogs that have catchy titles and content with useful research that not just attracts the users but also informs them about the product in great detail. That does not mean you write one or two post and stop it there. You will not get immediate results if that is what you expect. You have to be consistent with your blogs for the first six month if you are really serious about acquiring your first loyal 1000 users!

5. Email marketing

Email is one of the best ways of conversions and it brings in significant traction. You have to create your target list of people and make sure you engage with them regularly (which could be weekly or every fortnightly) from day 1. Your mail should have relevant content based upon the industry that your product belongs to.

Paid advertising has come a long way but it won’t sustain you in the long run if you do not know how to boost users for your app organically. To add to this, what adds more value to your generation is positive user reviews. After you launch your app on app store, you have to constantly look for ways to get your active users to write positive reviews on your Android app. The greater is the number of positive ratings, the higher will be the chances of more potential users. We assure you these methods of boosting user growth for your app will be really useful to you, but all of this will require patience, time and willingness from your end as well. 

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