If he follows you to the toilet, it is not only because ‘he’ feels vulnerable ‘

Your Cat is still in your legs, a real leech maybe even more during this confinement period. While you would like to have some privacy whether in the bathroom or the toilet, your feline is always there. You thought you could take care of yourself or find yourself in a situation not necessarily advantageous in peace, this is not the case. The behavior of your furball intrigues you and you would like, once again, to know what happens to him so that he follows you and looks at you like that.

As often, there are many reasons for this behavior. We tell you more.

The cat and its legendary curiosity

Your cat like the others is a great observer but also a very curious animal. Indeed, compared to humans, their sight, hearing and smell are more developed. The toilet contains many different smells that he needs to smell. Being a small and closed room the odors are easily identifiable for him. In our cats, theurine and stool are somehow an identity card left by other cats.

Also, don’t forget that you are at home but also at home. Your home is its territory. As the self-proclaimed head of this space, he has the right to control everything that happens there. So when the bathroom door closes, he doesn’t know what’s going on and he can only hear a few noises. Her frustration is at its peak, as is her curiosity. As we know, the cat is not a solitary and independent pet.

He doesn’t appreciate the way you put it aside.

Cat: you could endanger him

Your cat considers you as his mother, you bring him the comfort, the security he needs. He also knows that you will always support him. Also, it is both a predator and a prey and can quickly feel vulnerable. If he trusts you, he must also make sure that your behavior will not attract predators to his territory.

By accompanying you to the toilet, he keeps physical contact with you, which will reassure him and strengthen his feeling of security.

Also, the concept of intimacy is a human concept and not an animal one. If you look at him, without doing it on purpose, when he goes to the toilet, he won’t necessarily feel offended. For his part, when he watches you do your toilet or take a shower there is nothing wrong. Your cat follows you to the toilet for these reasons, but can also follow you to the bathroom for others.

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