7 Incredible Gadgets and Supplies That’ll Rejuvenate Your Workplace’s Desk

Did you know that the average person spends around 40 hours a week at their workplace? That is a lot of time to spend in one place! There are times when people who go to work are so used to their dull and boring lives in the office that they don’t ever think about changing anything. They want to charge ahead and get through the day, and that’s it.

However, don’t you agree that adding a little bit of “oomph” to your workplace can spice it up just enough to get you excited for the day? You can revitalize the entire place and make your hours at the office a lot more convenient than you are used to.

Gadgets for Office

Here are our favorite gadgets and supplies that will revitalize your desk:

Desk Organizer

So right off the bat, we will be discussing exactly why you need a desk organizer. To create an efficient work environment for yourself, a desk organizer is more or less crucial.

It will ensure that all the stuff on your desk, be it stationery, files, or even your coffee, has a proper place where you could keep it. Not only that, but you will also be able to quickly locate anything that you need whenever you need it if you know where to find it.

When you find that everything in your office has a proper place, you will find that work has become a lot more efficient than how it used to be


The next item on our list is an E-Reader. E-Readers include Kindles and other devices that can store books and help you read them.

Now, it must be a little bit baffling to understand exactly why your office needs an E-reader, so here are some reasons:

  • It can connect to Wifi so you can look up anything you want online
  • You can subscribe to hundreds of newspapers and magazines that you can read on your Kindle instead of hard copies that will clutter your desk
  • It can store PDF files as well so you can view office documents on it too.
  • You can store novels on it to read in a bit of leisure time.  

If you live in Malaysia, where to buy books for your Kindle should be no hassle because of the Malaysian Kindle Store.

USB Vacuum Cleaner

Now, everyone has a habit of munching on snacks during office hours. These snacks can be cookies, chips, sandwiches, anything you can get your hands on.

The problem arises when you drop crumbs of the snacks you eat and then have to wait an entire day for the cleaning staff to get rid of it.

So, instead of sitting in a filthy office, you should just get a small USB powered vacuum cleaner and do away with these crumbs as soon as they appear.

Cordless and Wireless Devices

Even though Bluetooth and Wifi technology is quickly replacing wired and corded devices all over the world, there are still thousands of offices that still use these devices.

So while you probably cannot do anything about the wires sticking out of your monitor or your keyboard, you can introduce wireless items of your own, like a mouse, or a printer.

These wireless devices will reduce the clutter of wires around your office which will make the entire office gleam.

Stress Relievers

You can introduce any number of stress-relieving options in your office, and we promise that you will not neglect it.

Fun little stress balls can give an appealing outlook to your desk as well. Other than that, you can get a stability ball to sit and work in so that your posture remains perfect and your focus remains intact.

These gadgets will ensure that you remain stress-free and have something to fidget with when stressful times approach.

USB Fridge

Another favorite gadget of ours is the USB fridge. Now, very often, we want to get a snack or a drink to keep our focus intact, but we need to walk all the way to the breakroom for it. It breaks our focus and wastes quite a bit of time as well.

For these times, a USB fridge can do wonders for you. You can store around two cans of drinks in it, which are probably enough to get you through pre-lunchtime!

Photo Scanner

Having a scanner attached to your computer is much more efficient than taking pictures of documents. Scanned pictures look a lot more professional than photographed documents. And when you do take a photograph with your phone, you have to email it or transfer it into your computer which takes up a lot of your time as well.

So for times like these, it is best to have a photo scanner on hand. You can quickly scan any document and then email it immediately.

Author Bio:

Jamie Kates is a student of Information Technology. She has a great passion for e-books and other technological devices that improve her reading capacity and brain power. She is also a passionate writer in her field related to software, e-readers, and other gadgets. Check her blogs at https://buykindlemalaysia.com.

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