Jazz still at war with Jessica and Thibault, she balances that ‘the bottom is rotten’

Will the war of reality TV couples exiled in Dubai resume? Highly possible. Since last year, Jazz and Laurent are cold with Jessica and Thibault (Or vice versa). While they were friends, relationships deteriorated over time. At first, Jazz would not have appreciated having received nothing at the birth of Cayden, whenshe would have sent a bouquet of flowers worth 200 euros to Jessica Thivenin when Maylone was hospitalized at birth. It is also said that Thibault Garcia would be jealous of the success of Laurent Correia, the husband of Jazz, whom he would have ignored the last time he met him in Dubaï.

Little by little, the targeted tackles have multiplied on social networks, in particular on certain product placements deemed abusive. Today, Jazz revives the war by classifying the Garcia couple on their house.

Thibault and Jessica reveal the state of their garden

As we told you, Laurent had declared war on Jessica and Thibault by mocking their site which offered overpriced Instagram filters, Jazz had qualified certain “virtual friends” as envious and the two couples stopped following each other on social networks. After all these clues, we can clearly say that their friendship is over.

After months of lull, here is Jazz at the end of his nerves because of the confinement decides to tackle the couple again.

In his latest story, Thibault reveals the pitiful state of their garden in Dubai: Our house is still dismantled. Normally the owner must come to repair. It’s not even straight anymore and the pool doesn’t even talk about it. There are everything that tears at the bottom, thousands of tiles. “ But that’s not all.

The former Marseillais reveals that they had to call on a cleaning company for their garden: “They made the garden perfect for us! It smells good because the synthetic with the piss of the dogs and the sun beating on it, the odors that go up, it was very average …

Jazz tackles the “disgusting garden” of Jessica and Thibault

After Jessica and Thibault exposed their garden problems, Jazz, recently shocked by Laurent’s new tattoo, published a message in his Snapchat story targeting the couple: I don’t understand the people who live in amazing houses in Dubai and who have disgusting gardens and empty fridges. It commands that Uber Eats. It’s like having a Lamborghini and putting on bike rims. It’s all in the looks, but the bottom is rotten. ”

A big pic to which Jessica and Thibault have not yet responded.

In the meantime, Internet users have expressed themselves on this new tackle and they are not at all in the direction of Jazz. “She forgets that she comes from the most slammed HLM in Nice and that only her scam allows her to take herself for the Kardashian of Wish“,” And if not with all the money it has Jazz she could offer french lessons to avoid making my eyes bleed “,” More ridiculous you die “,” She has a big house to live with her boyfriend’s buddies and 2/3 nannis she mustn’t forget “,” Why it takes everyone time she searches for the shit like that the Tuche ? “, can we read on Twitter.

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