Top 10 best apps for learning languages anywhere

You don’t have to study linguistics or foreign languages to become a polyglot/multilingual/bilingual, especially in this age of information and technology. If you are a native English speaker, for example, it is possible to learn Spanish, French, Latin, German, Portuguese or any other second language, write and speak it fluently. You must have heard about stories of people who have learned Mandarin through watching YouTube videos.

Probably, you wondered how it is possible but never dug deeper to find out how. Well, this post provides answers to all your questions so you can as well start learning a new language now. Specifically, it lays emphasis on the best ten applications which will give you a flexible and enjoyable learning experience.

10 Best Foreign Language Learning Apps


1.     Duolingo

Today, everyone who wants to learn a new language asks about Duolingo. It is a household name application among students pursuing linguistics studies as well as people who have a desire to learn a new language. With more than 100 million users according to stats on Google Playstore, Duolingo is an App that mergers gamification with learning through 81 powerful lessons. Lessons in this app are developed by native speakers whose passion in helping others learn a new language runs deep.

2.     Mindsnacks

With Mindsnacks, you get to experience a higher level of gamification in learning a new language. It is one of those apps that will help you master vocabularies of eight featured languages. You will do a few tests to prove your prowess and progress as you listen and learn.

3.     Babbel

Babbel is another language app worth your time. A free version comes with 40 classes which is a fare shot at the 13 languages it teachers. Learn new vocabularies, phrases and dialogue, an experience made easy with pictures.


If you are a native who wishes to learn your language from a tender age, then is the best option. It contains plentiful information, and learning involves testing your grasp of native vocabulary. Type in words and learn through translation and pronunciation.

5.     HiNative

HiNative is an app to matches native speakers with language learners. Everything is easy, thanks to simple questions, translation and pronunciation. It pursues a byte learning experience with a steady progress tracking, more or less like an application you can use to find an assignment helper from a paper writing service online.

6.     Memrise

Memrise will help you improve your grasp of vocabulary on any language of choice. By bringing together a community of language enthusiasts who invent easy ways of learning such as standardized texts and by recommending top best language book, it makes everything easy. The strength of Memrise relies on use or memes and gamification to make everything fun and thrilling.

7.     HelloTalk

HelloTalk presents users with a chat-like learning experience reminiscent of WhatsApp. In it, you will have a real-time conversation with native speakers, and learn a language of choice. Each session is then packaged into tutoring materials, not to mention in-built error correction tools that make learning easy and fast.

8.     LinguaLift

While LinguaLift is yet to release Mandarin, Russian, Hebrew and Japanese languages of which are developed by the University of Oxford, it is one of the best applications for learning a new out there. From clear explanations, vocabulary, cultural facts, tools to professional tutoring, LinguaLift is ideal for both beginners and intermediate learners.

9.      Busuu

In Busuu, there are 12 courses on new languages. You can choose free or paid version and learn through simple questions and dialogues. It also includes a travel course to make your trip abroad easy after learning the basics of a new language. You can also chat with native speakers real-time who will be correcting mistakes you make on the go.

10. MosaLingua

MosaLingua is a language learning application that puts together standardized lessons. From numerals, topical approach to simplified phrases, your learning gets easier with dialogue and illustrations. Moreover, it makes it possible to self-assess progress and you can record, speak and spell new words on the go.

Final Words

Learning a new language is now easier than ever. It is like finding statistics homework help from a custom paper writing website. All you have to do is choose from among competing and wide-ranging computer and mobile Apps to get started.

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