Things to consider while buying a Laptop

Things to consider while buying a Laptop

Buying a laptop is as much simple as choosing a pizza flavor. Although there come to be a number of factors that aid in the buying process of a laptop and choosing the best for you, some of them are crucial in general and make a big difference. To help you know what things to consider while buying a laptop, we have mentioned a few significant points in this article-


The recommendation is to buy as much fastest processor as you can with respect to your budget. A dual-core will be adequate if you do not want to run high-performance programs and your usage will be limited to the fundamentals. A triple-core and quad-core will be better for extra high performances. Now there are multiple factors in case of CPUs as well but we will consider the performance and budget here. If you’re looking to buy the best laptops for electrical engineers check out this buying guide.

High Performance

Intel Core i7 consists of the fastest chips plus discrete graphics processing unit. You can get dual-core, quad-core and even low-voltage chips that make low performance and consume equally low battery power. You will find such low-voltage chips in Ultraportable laptops.

Mainstream Performance

Core i5 which is accessible in dual-core, quad-core, and low-voltage variants is the best option if you are considering everyday work on the laptop and nothing such as high performance like gaming, etc.


Core i3 will be the best choice for those who have a tight budget. This processor paired with Intel HD Graphics can help you in all the fundamental functioning like- word processing, internet surfing, listening to music, image viewing, etc. Of these, Intel Pentium and Celeron are the most preferred ones.


  1. Ultraportable (Lightweight):- These trendy, slim, expensive yet fully-featured laptops indeed make the best option for people on the go. If your work demands to carry a laptop everywhere you go then ultraportables are the best option you have. Among these, MacBook Air and Intel’s Ultrabooks are considered to be the best after the disappearance of Sony Vaio Z. These laptops provide a reliable and long battery life. These nearly 1 KG laptops are not ideal for gaming or high performances but give you the best for elementary usage.
  2. Mid-Weights:– With nearly 15.6 inches and for an affordable price, mid-weight laptops give you great access to powerful gaming, multiple ports, DVD drive built-in, and Dedicated graphics. You can get quad-core with fewer worries.
  3. Desktop Replacements:- Absolutely perfect for high-performance tasks like gaming with a screen of 16-18.5 inches, Desktop replacements laptops come nearly 6 KGs in weight and give you all that you can expect from a PC. These laptops are every game freak’s first preference. So you if you are looking for a high-performance and desktop-like laptop, then Desktop replacements should be your choice.


Memory indeed matters! When your laptop has a good memory you can run a number of software or applications on it no matter how much space they consume. If you are running on low memory, chances are the Laptop will shut down. Given below is a short guide that will help you choose which laptop to buy depending on its memory.

Poor:- 500 MB- 1 GB Internet browsing will most probably be affected negatively. Fewer chances of the effortless working of modern apps and systems.

Initial:- 2GB That amount of memory will be adequate for primary laptop work, office work and internet surfing.

Okayish:- 4GB Good for graphics work and 3D gaming. You can also edit videos seamlessly.

Recommended:- 8GB Ideal for all sort of latest apps and systems and obviously compatible with every type of work.


Those were the things to consider while buying a laptop. Although these are only a few of the factors that should be considered when you are buying a laptop, CPU, Memory, and Weight are fundamentals of every laptop. Hence we have covered these points in detail. Other factors could be screen resolution, graphics, keyboard settings, etc. Hope you found our tips on things to consider while buying a laptop, useful.


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