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5 Reasons Why Mobile Learning Has a Great Future

Description: We can’t imagine our life without smart mobile devices that allow us to stay connected and provide great opportunities for learning on the go.

5 Reasons Why Mobile Learning is the Key Trend in Education Today

mobile learning

According to statistics, 80% of adults in the USA own a smartphone. Besides, 15% of people who have smartphones consider them as the primary source for accessing the internet. 30% of smartphones owners reported using them for engagement with educational content. As the number of mobile devices is constantly increasing, we are witnessing a shift from classroom to mobile learning.

More and more people use mobile devices to consume e-books, online quizzes, study apps, podcasts, and video content. What drives this trend? This article written by experts of an educational portal explains the reasons why mobile learning is the key trend in education today.

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Flexible scheduling is one of the biggest benefits of mobile learning. Modern learners have changed their learning patterns and don’t want to attend classes at an appointed place and time. They prefer studying methods that don’t disturb their daily routine. You can learn anywhere during downtime, for example, while commuting on public transportation or during short breaks between other studying tasks. You can get instant access to any content and use study apps that enable you complete bite-sized learning modules. Mobile learning allows to study at your own pace round-the-clock.

Easy Access

With smartphones and tablet, users can learn on the move because this type of learning is accessible from anywhere where there is access to the internet. Mobile devices are ideal platforms for delivering engaging and concise content in different formats: interactive videos, quizzes, podcasts, and tests.  With mobile apps compatible with different platforms, you can learn practically anything you want.

Engagement and Retention

New mobile devices feature technological advancements that allow to consume information, using different senses, collaborate with other users, and learn by immersion. Smartphones and tablets are equipped with large screens, cameras, state-of-the-art graphics and audio, geo-senses and can be integrated with wearable devices, 3D imaging. All this makes mobile learning more relevant than traditional one.

Many learners find formal training and learning programs intimidating because they require from users to complete courses that include large blocks of content in a prescribed amount of time. Mobile learners can access learning content in concise amounts so they feel more motivated to learn and more confident in their abilities. That’s why mobile learners demonstrate higher retention rate and are more likely to complete learning courses.

Personalized Learning

People have different abilities and learning styles. Mobile platforms ensure personalized learning experience for all learners who can learn at their own pace and use methods suitable for their learning styles. Whether you are a visual or an auditory learner or prefer to learn by taking quizzes and solving problems, you are sure to find options that are suitable for you. There are apps that track your progress as you learn and remind you what studying material you need to revise. Besides, there is a wide variety of apps for Android and iOS that can help their users stay organized and increase their productivity: you can take notes, make to-do lists, mind maps, and study timetables.

It Makes Learning Fun

Modern learners find mobile courses and learning apps more enjoyable. They like the idea of studying on their own at the time that is convenient for them. They also like the opportunities to establish connections with other leaners. Millennials like to communicate and collaborate with other learners in learning communities.

The majority of mobile courses and learning apps are based on the principle of gamification that makes the learning process more rewarding and fun with special badges, quizzes, awarding points, levels of achievements etc.

These are the key reasons why mobile learning is constantly gaining popularity among mobile users as a favorite learning method.

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