What is Msmpeng.exe and How to Fix it

Paying attention to the processes running is a really good habit. Microsoft windows os comes with a pre-installed antivirus app installed(Windows Defender). Msmpeng.exe is one of the core process of windows defender and lately it has caught attention of many users. The cpu usage by Antimalware service executable has distressed many users. AntiMalware Service Executable Many users have found out that Antimalware service executable or msmpeng.exe is consuming a large part of their  cpu. Many users also want to disable the process but have no idea why the process is running or why it is using so much of cpu. It is causing high cpu usage without any particular reason. So let’s talk about what is msmpeng.exe and why it is using so much of your cpu and how to get rid of it.

What is Msmpeng.exe


Msmpeng.exe aka Antimalware Service Executable is the core process of windows defender which helps it to prevent your system from getting infected by malware, spyware, viruses. If you went to the Task Manager in Windows and looked at your processes tab, you may have noticed a process called msmpeng.exe eating up all your available CPU.

Why is Msmpeng.exe Using So Much CPU

So now we finally know that msmpeng.exe is not a virus and it is here to protect our pc. The main question is why it is using so much of our cpu. Well The two most common reasons for a high CPU usage are real-time functions, which constantly scan files, connections and other related apps in real-time. Main Function of msmpeng.exe is to protect in real-time and keep scanning files for potential threats. This is the main reason that it consumes high cpu share.

How to Fix Msmpeng.exe high cpu problem?

Most of the tutorials online guides you to disable windows defender to get rid of high cpu problem. But this doesn’t work everytime and also it is not possible to disable windows defender completely. Even if you manage to disable windows defender you will be required to get another antivirus solution which might not do any better. So what we suggest you to do is change the schedule of Windows Defender scanning to sometime when you are less likely to use your pc and that will help you stay protected and also fix your high cpu problem. So follow the below steps to get rid of Msmpeng.exe problem.

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  1. Press Windows Key + R to open the Run Dialog Box.
  2. Type  taskschd.msc and click on ok to Open the Task Scheduler.
  3. Now In the left navigation panel Navigate to  Library >> Microsoft >> Windows >> Windows Defender.
  4. Now in the General Tab uncheck the Run with highest privileges option.
  5. Now go to the Conditions tab and uncheck all the options there.This will clear your scheduled scans.
  6. Now Click on triggers and create new process as per your schedule.
  7. Now Windows Defender will not scan your computer and won’t be using high cpu.

Just restart your PC and use it without any problem.

Final Verdicts

Hope guys got knowledge about Msmpeng.exe and how to fix it. If you still face any problem, let me know in comment section, I will help you out.

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