New Education Apps Coming to Microsoft Teams

Have you ever seen students who type search queries like “do my paper“, “I need help with my homework” or any other similar search query? It’s not difficult to find students who are looking for assistance with their school work. Thanks to the advancement in technology, however, you can excel in school without reaching out to anyone. There are many applications that can be used to improve the learning process. Microsoft is among the top tech companies that are trying to use technology to redefine the educational sector.


New Education Apps Coming to Microsoft Teams

  1. Augment Learning With Skooler

This is one of the new applications that will soon come to Microsoft Teams. By integrating Skooler, institutions can augment the collaborative learning environment provided by Teams. It is a learning management system that functions efficiently. It can be used to draft assignments, take attendance and enable communication between students and teachers with its bot service.

  1. Quizlet

By integrating Quizlet, institutions will be bringing one of the best self-study and classroom apps to Microsoft Teams. It allows teachers to embed learning games and Quizlet into their Teams workflow and communication. This makes the studying process more interesting and it makes it easier for users to share content.

  1. Launch Interventions With BrightBytes

Coming soon to Microsoft Teams, this application allows administrators and teachers to share real-time data with themselves and with students. The goal is to make sure that students stay on track and succeed by improving their outcomes. It has an amazing intervention management system that’s teachers can use to help students who may be having difficulty following up in class. It has an artificial intelligence based software that gives a 97% accurate prediction for students.

  1. Nurture Development Skills With Kano

With this application, students who have an interest in programming can develop their own devices. Different students can also work together to develop apps or improve apps that others have created. Teachers can go through the posted projects and give feedback to students. This way, improvements will be made where necessary.

  1. Create Interactive Lessons With Nearpod

Using this app, students can access interactive lessons developed by teachers. Each lesson can be customized to meet the needs of individual students. All the lessons can be developed and enjoyed on Microsoft Teams. There will no need to close the application to access what is needed.

  1. Get Insight With Literatu Scribo

This app collects learning data daily and converts it into teaching insights for teachers. It can be integrated into the Microsoft Teams via the inquiry bot. Using the app, teachers can answer questions about how students are progressing and what achievements they are making in class. This can be done directly through Microsoft Teams using the data captured by Literatu Scribo.

  1. Optimize Teaching With Haldor

Haldor is a learning management platform that can be integrated into Microsoft Teams and Office 365. It allows parents, teachers, and students to gain access to assignments, courses, assessments, or student plans 24 hours a day. It also comes with a plagiarism scanner that allows students and teachers to check for plagiarism without leaving Microsoft Teams.

  1. Encourage Social Learning With Flipgrid

Many students understand better when they study with other students. However, they are not always going to always be with their peers during study time. By integrating these social learning software, students can enjoy video discussions with other students. It isn’t just used by high school students, any student at any level can use it. Even families that are far from each other can use this software.

  1. Get AI Feedback With WriteLab

When students have essays to write, they can use this software to get almost instant feedback. The feedback from the artificial intelligence software will help them create compelling content. Students will no longer have to wait for human help to get homework done. Teachers can also use the program to improve their skills.

  1. Become Multilingual With Busuu

Busuu is a chatbot that can teach students German, French, and Spanish. It has various difficulty levels depending on how much you already know about the language. The chatbot also posts questions to get a better understanding of the user’s vocabulary.

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These are the top ten education apps coming to Microsoft Teams. They all make learning interactive, seamless, and interesting.

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