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NordVPN Review: The Best and Fastest VPN Service Provider

The need for using a Virtual Private Network on your personal computers, desktops and laptops are on the rise with each passing day. With a number of websites looking to track our online data and with security concerns online, VPNs are our only safeguard against a number of online threats. And one current market leader among all the VPNs available to us is the NordVPN. This VPN service provider is situated in Panama and has been delivering a number of brilliant features to all its customers.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

Before proceeding forward to looking at NordVPN, we need to understand what a VPN is and how it can be useful to us. A VPN helps to route your internet surfing traffic via a temporary IP Address from a remote server present in another country. So, in a case where anyone is keeping tabs on your data, your real-life online location or data wouldn’t be reaching them. In addition to securing your privacy online, VPNs also help out people to access some geologically inaccessible web content as well.

What is NordVPN?

nordvpn review

Started out with being limited to a few states in the west, NordVPN quickly expanded its servers to 61 different countries presently. The organization has been based in Panama since its beginning and has over 2200 remote servers all across the world with almost half of them in the United States alone. Its US and Australian VPN servers are the fastest. These servers can be categorized to cater to general public or to provide specific features to all the NordVPN users. Today, NordVPN has established itself as one of the most widely used VPN service providers with a large user base.

How can NordVPN help you?

The NordVPN network is spread across 56 different countries around the world. This ensures that you have a range of options to select your server from. NordVPN is available as an easy-to-use windows application where you can control your internet settings. Besides a windows app, you can also use NordVPN on your smartphones to protect yourselves in a better manner. To use the windows app, all you have to do is launch their windows app, on the world map screen select the country to the server you want to connect and you will be connected via a remote server from that country. You can also choose to select your remote server from the list of server options from the menu.

Main features of NordVPN?

In comparison to its competitors, NordVPN is known to provide a number of high-quality features to all of its users. These include:

  • Dedicated IP Address: One very useful feature from the NordVPN team is the Dedicated IP Address. Now, you can buy a remote server based IP Address to yourself. Typically, whenever you connect to a server, you are assigned an IP Address. With this feature, you can ensure that you get an IP address all to yourself.
  • Military Grade Encryption: The advancement in the technologies is reflected with the level of cutting edge security services provided by NordVPN to protect your Internet based traffic. The NordVPN makes use of an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256 bit-keys to ensure no misuse of your online data. This standard is highly secure as it was being used by the US Government to protect its classified data.
  • CyberSec: The latest addition to the NordVPN features list is the CyberSec which helps to block suspicious websites automatically on your system to protect from spread of malware, viruses or other cyber threats. In addition to that, CyberSec also helps to block flashy ads appearing on your system screen.
  • Double VPN: What’s a better way to protect your online data with a single encryption? It’s to encrypt it twice. The Double VPN feature of the NordVPN takes the level of online privacy and security up a notch by ensuring that your Internet traffic is routed via two different IP Addresses on two different remote servers before reaching to you. This helps in protecting your identity in a better way.
  • Automatic Kill Switch: The Automatic Kill Switch feature from NordVPN is quite an interesting feature to have. You can help protect your device and online data by enabling the Automatic Kill Switch on certain websites. This Switch ensures that if your connection drops abruptly or is ended prematurely, none of your sensitive data is accessed by websites you have blocked from your VPN Tunnel.
  • No Logs Policy: Finally, one of the best features about NordVPN is that the organization is very strict in their policy that none of their user’s data would be ever stored on any of their servers. These include your online activities and browsing history as well.

NordVPN Pricing

NordVPN is very flexible with the pricing of its product. Currently, you can choose from any of the three different plans available for you to buy. If you to go for a 2-year plan, you get NordVPN with an all-time low price of just $3.29 per month or a combined fee of $79 for two years. This is comparatively very ship in comparison to their monthly billing plan of $11.95 per month. NordVPN provides its customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the users are not satisfied with the product. Also, you can terminate your NordVPN subscription any time you want to do without being charged a termination fee.

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The Final Words

Presently, NordVPN is rated as the best VPN service provider across the internet and with the set of a number of incredible features at a very competitive price it’s no surprise to see that. Not only does the NordVPN help to protect your desktop or laptop from data leaks, it also provides you to safeguard your smartphones from the potential risk of online leaks with the help of its Android and iOS mobile applications. The organization currently has 2200+ servers in 31 countries and is looking to expand it further to provide their users with the best possible product that they can.  

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