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Excel is one of the most powerful spreadsheet apps available today. However, most people have only been able to exploit a small percentage of its seemingly countless possibilities. Nowadays, even a complete newbie in the world of Excel VBA can easily record a macro using a macro program to automate some work. And it will marvel you to discover that you don’t even need all those hard work to automate the magic of excel macros.

Macros are features in an excel program, and they are just codes that aids automation in a program. These macros make excel effective and work well for you. With them, you can quickly add your features to enable you to achieve a particular task with a program. Macro programs make Excel more comfortable to use and work correctly for you. They automate actions that were done manually such as copying values, cell formatting, and calculating totals.

To make macros, all you have to do is to record your macros in excel to save them as repeated steps. And this helps you to speed up your work. Let’s consider some useful tips for recording macros.

On Spot Macro Recorder Tips


You may decide to use keyboard macros instead of mouse macros because they are more reliable. Keyboard macros work correctly irrespective of the window-positions, screen coordinates.


You should record only mouse clicks unless it requires it specifically.


Decrease the delay command and select the macro part that you want to speed up and perform the “reset delays” command (Menu – “Edit” – “Bulk edit delays.”


You should start at a known location and end up in the same known location. Ensure the first or second keystrokes takes the cursor to a new location as you record the keyboard macro. For instance, you should use the Home keystroke to make it start from the beginning of a line. Alternatively, you could press Ctrl+Home to take it to the beginning of a file. And use Ctrl-Left-Arrow to navigate between words. As for the macro endings, ensure your macro endings prepares it for the next move.

Excel is used in many work processes, so when you learn the most effective methods of automating excel, you will be able to speed up your work and maximize your time efficiently.

There is one problem common to excel macros. They are explicitly tied to your computer. Hence, they can’t run on your mobile device or in the Excel Web App. So they work best on the data on your spreadsheet. And this makes it a cumbersome process of getting new data into your spreadsheet from other apps.


Most people use an app integration tool such as Zapier. This tool helps to connect the Office 365 Business Edition of excel to other numerous apps such as Salesforce, Slack, Stripe, etc. Now that you have learned this useful tips about excel macros, it time to put them into efficient use when next you want to create your next excel macros.

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