On Tinder, the “Passport” mode is preparing to evolve

Thanks to its users and several intelligent decisions, Tinder has been able to reinvent itself during these long weeks of confinement. Last March, one of its premium features, “Passport”, was made available to everyone via an update. In a recent post published on Twitter, the specialist in predicting new functionalities on the applications Jane Manchun Wong reported that the “Passport” mode would evolve.

The good news, for those who would have taken advantage of this mode and their period of confinement to go and meet people all over the world, is that “Passport” will not disappear, but will transform. In a screenshot, the computer specialist showed a mysterious “Global” and “Local” mode on Tinder. The first seems to be akin to functionality, whereas today we have to go to the configuration menu to change the area where we want to meet people.

This evolution will make the functionality easier to use due to its accessibility. At the same time, it shows how Tinder – and dating apps in general – plans to take advantage of the new behaviors that occurred during the confinement period to be able to evolve their system. We are heading straight for dating applications which are becoming more and more “relational applications” in their own right.

Foster virtual relationships

Approaching the model of social networks, with the arrival of video calls in particular, these applications keep a major difference: the relationships above are only new relationships. Tinder has understood that his “Passport” mode, which increases the possibilities of meeting, will be a key advantage. Some Tinder users are located in locations where the number of users within a 10 kilometer radius may be restricted.

Dating apps, and beyond

The evolution from “Passport” mode on Tinder to a “Global” mode also says a lot about the consequences of the health crisis. Now, meetings are no longer necessarily aimed at a physical meeting, and some find themselves enjoying talking with people on the other side of the globe to exchange on a common passion or to be able to practice a language. It remains to be seen whether Tinder will actually implement its functionality. Generally, Jane Manchun Wong is not mistaken, but the formalizations can take several weeks or even months.

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