Passage des Arts returns to the air on May 25: list of the first guests.

On Monday May 25 at 8:20 p.m. on France 5, the cultural magazine Passage des Arts returns to the air.

Each evening, in this meeting, Claire Chazal gives a voice to those – artists, intellectuals and creators – who take a look at the world and culture.

In summary, in each issue, a guest, a meeting enriched by a report on cultural life, the question of a viewer and to finish the work of art that changed the life of the guest.

Monday 25/05: Tatiana de Rosnay – “The flowers of the shade” (R Laffont)

Tuesday 26/05: Cali – “Cavale” album

Wednesday 27/05: Nathalie Rykiel – “Sam Rykiel (Stock)

Thursday 28/05: Cynthia Fleury – Philosopher and Psychoanalyst

Friday 29/05: Vladimir Cosma

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