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Top Best Google Play Store Alternatives to Download Apps

Now, you maybe wondering why do you need alternative app stores for Android when Google has its official Google Play Store by default on every android phone, and moreover Android was made by Google, right ? Well, there’s no doubt to that. Google Play Store is actually the most authentic and safest one stop destination to download all applications on your phone. However, there’s a slight catch. Not ALL apps can be downloaded via the Playstore. Yes, there are certain guidelines that Google Play follows, which makes some very cool apps, which are mostly developed by third parties, unavailable on the Play store. It may be so that even if the app is official, it’s unavailable in your region, for example apps like Pokemon Go and Spotify were not available in India until recently.

This is where the alternative app stores come in. These secondary application  marketplaces give you almost every app that is available on the playstore, as well as a lot of them which aren’t. There are also huge pros to using them, because sometimes you can get premium paid versions of apps for free, or special discount deals on them, and even the apps which are not available in your country. So let’s take a look at the four best playstore alternatives available online that are very popular among users –

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1. Amazon App Store

Among all the other in this list, Amazon app store is definitely the most authentic and safe application stire. Infact, it is the second moat popular after Google Play store, and if you have a Kindle or a Fire Phone, you know about it. However, you can’t get it on the web, so you’re gonna have to download it’s apk. The app has a decent and easy-to-use interface, all the apps are neatly stacked into various categories, which makes it easier to find the one you want, as well as explore other cool alternatives. Here’s the best part – you will get one paid app every day for free!

Check out Amazon app store from here.

2. ApkMirror

If you ever searched for an apk file on Google, you must have definitely seen ApkMirror among the top results. ApkMirror is a globally run online market, which means that most of the times apps that have not even launched on PlayStore everywhere can be available here. The only catch to it is that ApkMirror has no official android app of its own, so you’ll have to visit their site for the download. But there’s nothing to worry about, because ApkMirror assures that all the applications they offer are 100% safe and malware-free. Moreover, you can not only get the latest version of the app, but also a lot of its older versions arranged chronologically as well, in case you didn’t like the new update. *Coughs* *Snapchat* *coughs*

All in all, ApkMirror is a nifty site. It has a great and easy interface, additive search, and easy downloading procedure. All you need to do is get on the  download page of the version you wish to download and just click the download button over there, and the file will begin to download.

Click Here to Visit

3. GetJar

If you have used a J2ME or Symbian OS device in the past, you’re familiar with GetJar. Get kar is arguably one of the oldest app markets on the internet, and goes way back in time when neither PlayStore nor Android Phones were so common. And with times, the site has evolved and now you can get apps for Android and iOS as well. GetJar has an official app as well as a great online web interface. The site runs pretty smooth as well, and is very explorable. However, all apps may not always be updated up to the latest version.

You can Download the GetJar app from here.

The App runs amazingly as well, probably because it still relies on the older Android APIs. The apps are are classified into various categories and it is pretty much the same as using the GetJar website. The download process is quick, but looks outdated when compared to modern Android standards. But you know what they say, Old is Gold.

4. Opera Mobile Store

You guessed right, the very popular internet browser Opera Mini, is behind this app marketplace which is offered for free within the browser itself. Which means you can not access it any other way, so you have to have Opera browser on your phone to get this. The bonus, however, is that its catalog of apps is pretty much never ending and it has a massive user traffic because, duh, the Opera browser has a massive user base.

Visit this link for Opera Browser.

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There are lots of other cool application Store alternatives to Playstore which could have been on the list like mobogenie and 9apps, but we tried to get only those that offer a similar experience to that of the Google Play Store, for beginners. But remember, these stores may be safe, but not all apps on them are safe as well. You should always be cautious while installing a third-party app because it may be a pirated app that could cost you a breach in your privacy and security.

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