Sarah Fraisou stranded in Thailand, she challenges the government: ‘Let the people go back’

Since March 23, the state of health emergency has been announced in France by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. As in many countries, the measures taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus have hardened. On March 16, Emmanuel Macron asked the French to choose their place of confinement. Currently on vacation in Thailand, Sarah Fraisou and Ahmed have decided to stay during this period. But the rules are also becoming stricter in Thailand.

Annoyed by the situation, Sarah gasps and calls out to the French government.

“I find it shocking!”

This month, the candidate for The Villa of Broken Hearts 5 has often been at the heart of controversy. Remember, a fortnight ago, a video of Sarah Fraisou’s chest leaked on the internet, when the latter had her nipples pierced. More recently, it was her darling Ahmed who had been accused of cheating Sarah with another girl.

If the couple had decided to stay in Thailand during the confinement period, Sarah begins to panic for her return to France.

Indeed, new measures against the coronavirus have been taken in the country and many French people find themselves stranded there. A situation that surprises Sarah Fraisou:

“Phuket becomes in a situation of confinement … From 6 pm, we no longer have the right to go out and the flights are canceled. People are in panic and hassle because they close all borders. Do they think of people who can’t afford a hotel, food and who had a limited budget for their vacation time? They find themselves sleeping on the floor at the airport and tickets go up to more than 2000 euros! I find it shocking! “, is indignant the young woman on Snapchat.

“You have gone crazy!”

Sarah and Ahmed can afford to stay still and extend their vacation while the situation improves. But this is not the case for everyone … So, she asks her subscribers to call out to the French government: Try to make things happen for those stranded in Phuket. I receive messages from families who have not heard from the embassy … Let people go home! It’s too serious! “

Always as uplifted, the reality TV candidate continues her rant: “Whether you ban people from going on vacation, there is no problem. But don’t ban people from going home! They are French, they live in France. We are talking about repatriation, but other people have priority … Everyone must do confinement at home, it makes sense. They are very cute Macrons all that … But, you have gone crazy in fact! “

And Sarah hasn’t stopped rebelling, because now, they no longer even have the right to swim in their private pool : “It’s eggs!”

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