Sarah Lopez (Les Anges 12) finds Benji (LMAC) ‘too small’, she prefers Cédric Doumbe

Sarah Lopez seems to have definitely turned the page on Jonathan Matijas. Indeed, the candidate of Angels 12 has once again returned to the love market. So For a few days, the young woman has embarked on a speed dating game live on Instagram, during which she had met Cédric Boumbe from The circle. But that’s not all, Sarah also gave an interview to VDBUZZ, and in which she also gave her impressions on a certain Benjamin Samat.

Sarah Lopez in search of love

His break up with ex-footballer Jonathan Matijas was certainly one of the most watched soap operas on the web. Indeed, the young woman and her ex had regularly made the headlines because of their violent clashes by social networks interposed. But it would seem that the enormous tension that existed between the two stars of the Angels 12 finally “calmed down”. And now is the time to think about the future for one and the other.

Sarah Lopez has returned to the market. And in an interview she gave to VDBUZZ, the beautiful gave her feelings on several candidates of reality TV. Sarah had surprised her world when talking about Alix’s ex-boyfriend Benjamin Samat.

” Too small “

If usually, the charm of Benji wreaks havoc with the fairer sex, this time it did (unfortunately) not work on Sarah Lopez.

Indeed, the beautiful kid from Marseillais in the Caribbean obviously does not fit the criteria of the candidate of the Angels: “Next for me” she replied very dryly when she saw a photo of Benji. Jonathan’s ex explained his answer, however : “Handsome kid, but too small”. she admitted to the show’s host Fabrice Sopoglian. But if Benjamin is not in the cast of the ideal man for Sarah Lopez, it would seem that this is the case for a certain Cédric Doumbe (kickboxing champion, and currently a candidate in The circle sure Netflix in France).

With Cédric Doumbe, it’s “Quietly, kindly”

It’s been a few days since Sarah Lopez launched into speed dating live on Instagram. And obviously, this little game has already paid off. This is in any case what some of his comments suggest … Indeed, after having published a new photo “muy caliente” in uniform Coachella, the starlet answered questions from Internet users on social networks. One of them was referring to a current participant on Netflix reality TV: ” How is it with Cédric? ! “Asked a surfer, to which the young woman replied:” Quietly gently

As a reminder, Sarah had met him during speed dating. And her response suggests that there was a real rapprochement between her and the famous champion of Kickboxing. In any case, his fans are certainly looking forward to seeing more.

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