30+ Seventorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites List

SevenTorrent Proxy: Seventorrents is One of the best movie torrent site. It has millions of user. When you need a good movie in HD and in various formats, SevenTorrents is there for you.

Seven Torrent may not work 0n your IP address or region So I found out few working seventorrent mirror site so that you can access your favorite torrent without any hassle.

Why Seventorrents is much safer?

When it comes to quality It provides you safe and malicious free files. Its staff check all the files whether it is clean or not. If they find any malicious files or virus, they removed it from its server. It comes with easy to navigate interface. You can easily find whatever you need with its simple Navigation and User Interface. Search option is also available to find your desired content. You can get contents based on category. A lot of category are available to go specific.

Many of loves to download free movies. Doesn’t matter downloading from Torrents or from other sites, just we love free. Nowadays our laws and Govt are getting strict. Many Torrents site like Seven Torrents are banned or blocked in many regions. So it is getting harder to use best torrent sites. They are banning Torrents sites permanently. Means you can not get access to those sites even in Future.

When it comes to download Movies in HD, then Seventorrents is one of the best torrent sites. or you can also read about more torrent sites on TechAarvi.  It also has been blocked so people are not able to get direct access through URL so I decided to find out latest and working proxy of seventorrents.

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Is Seventorrents blocked?

If you are still unable to access to main SevenTorrents http://7tor.download , then most probably It is banned by your ISP or Govt. But Don’t Worry, There are still some ways remain by which we can easily bypass block by ISP or region. Read this post further, You’ll get to know how you can access blocked sites.

How to access Seven torrents?

If SevenTorrents is blocked at your end, then there are two very fine ways. One is Using SevenTorrents Proxy and Second is Using VPN Servers. Proxies and VPNs hide you from your ISP and lets you access blocked site. During using SevenTorrents proxy or connected to VPN keeps you anonymous on the Internet. None can detect you. So both ways are good. For more information about Proxies, Keep reading this article.

What are SevenTorrents Proxy and Mirror site?

Seventorrents Proxy

Let me clear about the Word SevenTorrents Proxy Mirror sites. These Proxy or mirror sites are clone of SevenTorrents which are hosted on other servers. You can call them SevenTorrents alternatives because you are using them instead SevenTorrents. SevenTorrents Proxy have same content which is available on SevenTorrents site. All I can say, you must try these Proxies until main domain of SevenTorrents site is blocked.

30+ SevenTorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites

These SevenTorrents Proxy and mirror sites are in control of SevenTorrents Staff. For those SevenTorrents is blocked, we are listing top 30 SevenTorrents Proxy and Mirror sites. Using them you can download favorite movie. You can browse your favorite movie directly from these SevenTorrents Proxies. Get access to any of the Proxy directly from the table below-












http://7Torrents Proxy/

SevenTorrents New Proxy














How to Access Seventorrent without Proxy?

Yes, You read correct. This is very easy method to access almost every torrents whether it is blocked or not in your country. Don’t worry it is straight-forward method. You’d don’t need any seventorrent proxy. All you need is a VPN, If you are Android user, you can download any high-rated VPN from play store, and connect it. Now you can easily access any torrent site including seven torrents.

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So that was all about SevenTorrent Proxies. You can make unblock this torrent using these working proxies for 7torrents. If you find any proxy is not working, you can inform us in comment section. We’ll update it with new one. So this way, list remains fresh and you get seventorrents unblocked and download free content available on it.

Soon I’ll be adding more other proxy site list such as Kat Proxy, Kickass Proxies. If you are looking for Proxies for Pirate Bay then you should check out these TPB Proxies. I have listed around hundreds of pirate bay proxies and also I will be adding Seventorrents proxy and mirror sites soon.

(Video) Seventorrents Proxy – Unblock Seventtorrents

Last Words

Hope these SevenTorrents mirrors are working at your end. If you are thinking that you’ll get outdated content from here. You don’t have to worry. They are regularly updated. As the any new content goes live on its main domain, these sites also get updated content. This way you get updated and fresh content. Do share this with your friends, if is helpful for them.

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