Speed Up Android Phones

5 Effective Ways to Speed Up Android Phones

Having an android phone is truly exciting at the beginning, right? The actual crisis comes when switching between apps takes longer time, apps loading slowly or even hanging in between while using the device! After all, it is a machine. It goes through the usual wear and tear of the handset and a slower OS too with the time. You’re at the right place if you’re facing the same issue. We have got some quick fixes of the general reasons of a slower android phone. Go ahead and try these simple tweaks to speed up android phones.

Remove the cache data-

Cache data has nothing but temporary files stored for a faster loading experience.Whenever we open an app or a page in the browser, images, for example, get stored temporarily in the cache. It helps in faster loading in lesser time when you use it next time. It is useful but uses up your phone’s storage.
You may delete the cache data by following these steps and speed up android phones- Go to the settings, click on storage and then click on clear cached data. That’s it! As simple as that. Don’t worry, deleting the cache data has nothing to with data stored on the app.

Uninstall unnecessary applications-

This is the most commonly used method to speed up android phones performance. Simply go to the settings and click on apps. Click on the app you want to uninstall and click Uninstall option.
P.S- You may not be able to see an option to uninstall an app as that might be a default app.

Stop/ disable default apps-

While there’s no uninstall option for default apps; we may always disable them. Not having an uninstall button for default apps was frustrating until we got to know this feature. Follow the steps as followed to uninstall an app, and you can see the “disable” option

Free up some space-

This refers to delete the unnecessary stuff from the phone and speed up android phones. To name one- gallery has a lot of things we don’t require. Like those forwarded pictures, greetings and wishes on WhatsApp Or those close to perfect 121 washroom selfies if you’re a girl (no offense 😛 ). You can do it in two ways-

a) Delete manually-

Go to the gallery and manually select and delete the not useful stuff.

B) Use google backup-

If you’re still having small storage try this method.Download the Google Photos app from the play store. Choose the option to automatically back up photos and videos and free up device’s space.
It is useful for backing up important photos and videos on a regular basis without occupying device’s storage.

Close apps not in use-

With the enhanced technology and RAM, smart android phones have multitasking feature. It allows the user to toggle between different apps which help at times. But not closing the apps in use for the longer time may affect the pace of device performance. Cross down such apps from where you toggle in between the apps. This way you can speed up android phones.

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I put some possible and easy ways by which you can speed up android phones. There are many other ways but I came out with only those ways which also can be used by non-rooted phones.

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