Take Screenshots with Ease in Windows-10

Take Screenshots with Ease on Windows-10

Surfing through the internet and instantly admiring something bounds you to share that with someone who shares the same thought process as yours. Downloading is sometimes not an option and you wish to desperately share this with someone, then you take a screenshot. Taking a screenshot on a phone is far simpler and easier to share as compared to a computer. Sharing a screen with someone via mail is usually done for professional purposes. This may be plain sailing for some and complex for a few others. Below are some of the way that will help you understand that and you will be in a position to take a screenshot in Windows 10 in a jiffy. This method may vary on various versions of Windows, and today we will discuss the process of taking a screenshot when you are using Windows-10

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  • Share X:

You may often this the icon of this open source that is available on your system and must have wondered why is it there and how can we use it. Share X is an open source program that enables you to share your computer Screen. It is a wonderful tool allowing you to capture videos as well. The best feature is that it is in-built and you need not buy this separately. This is the most relieving feature. To use this feature, you may use hotkeys, which when used allows you to take a screenshot quickly. Normally clicking the print screen captures the entire screen. On the other hand, using the ctrl and Print Screen together will help you capture a part of the screen that you want. Using ctrl+ Shift+ Print Screen together helps you save a video your screen quickly. These files can be found in the MY Documents under Share X folder name.

  • Print Screen:

This is one of the most commonly used methods to capture screen when one has to do it once. Pressing the Print Screen button that is written as PrtSc saves the file in which can be pasted to another file. Just like we use a picture to edit in Paint. We capture the picture using PrtSc and paste it on the paint to edit it according to the requirement. This makes it easy; however, taking multiple screenshots is not possible, rather complex if we continue using print screen.

  • Snipping Tool:

It is a desktop app that allows you to capture the part of the screen that you wish to take. This snipping tool has a highlighter which helps you highlight the part that you wish to capture. Use this highlighter and then use the copy and save button to save the capture. This is a wonderful tool when you wish to capture a portion of the screen. The part you capture is called a snip and that can be exported to using the Save and Copy button. Through this many small portions can be captured and hence, is convenient.

  • Snip and Sketch:

The updated Windows 10 use snip and sketch tool to capture the screen. This is one of the most contemporary apps to capture a screen. This feature allows you to take the snip, but you need to be very swift. It offers either 3 seconds or ten seconds to take the snip, where you can choose the time. Be vigilant to take this snip as the time is very little.

These are some ways that we have discussed, and you will undoubtedly become adept in using the features on Windows-10. Wish yourself some luck and some practice!

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So above methods are the easiest way to capture anything with easy

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