The Google app for learning to read is available in 180 countries

Behind the vastness of Google, however, lies a benevolent aspect. Since March 2019, the Mountain View company has been working on an application that aims to learn Hindi and English. The latter is called Bolo, which means “to speak” in Hindi. Google Bolo has the ability to operate without an internet connection which is very convenient for certain very remote rural areas.

This application dedicated to children has grown a lot this year. Google is now announcing that Bolo will be called Read Along and will be available in 180 countries around the world, with 9 languages ‚Äč‚Äčavailable. With the renowned Google assistant Diya, Read Along allows you to monitor children’s reading progress and pronunciation. Thereafter, the app will recommend difficulty levels for stories and games based on reading performance.

This app is designed entirely for children. The awards are small stars and fun badges. However, parents can also set up an account to monitor their children’s progress and attendance.

Currently, Read Along is only available for Android users. However, the application is evolving so quickly that new features should be arriving soon, and why not an iOS version.

Google declares that this application intended for the youngest will in no case be monetized. In the same logic, the personal data of users will not be collected, and the Mountain View company insists that maximum security will be developed to protect children.

This is not the only children’s service that the Mountain View company presents. Indeed, there is also the Rivet platform which provides access to more than 2,000 free books to teach children to read. Unlike Read Along, which is only available in 9 languages, Rivet presents a catalog of 25 languages.

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